360Fresh: Shapeera – Welcome + Addicted + Vi Ne Solido

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Adopting her surname to be her stage name, Shapeera started music when she was in the Benue State University. Whilst there,she was actually a rapper called The Peacemaker and held her own on stage with acts like Tuface, Zaaki,Terry d rapman and a few others..

She won the title as the best rapper two years in a row in her school and added the title of the best performer in her resumè. After her university degree in the mid 2000s,she was amongst the house mates in the inaugural Nokia First Chance reality show and after that,she decided to revamp the music industry. She worked on her sound with the help of her producer Dozie Nosiri aka “Pitch” and Lo,and Behold!, a phoenix had come back to life.

She’s been greatly inspired by beautiful and uber talented divas such as Lauryn Hill and Madonna,and Shapeera herself has been gifted with a strong voice texture and she will definately take the Pop genre by what we call..the scruff.

Listening to her,you’ll surely feel the electricity and vivacity in her music. Her first single “Vine Ishoor Ido”-Come dance- actually demands you to do just that and you’d experience what it feels,sorry sounds like when Pop music and a Native dialect meet themselves on a track and follow a symphonic path which gives birth to something never heard in the shores of Nigeria.

She hails from the middle belt part of Nigeria that’s spawned greats like Tuface,MI,Zaaki Adzee… and telling you to keep an eye on this gem would be an understatement.. whilst you follow my advice though…Press ►


Shapeera – Welcome


Shapeera – Addicted


Shapeera – Vi Ne Solido



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