360Date With WAJE

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It’s been a minute since we ran 360 Date …this was due to challenges (still unresolved) getting all the Beat FM ladies at the same time for the date (due to their tight and spontaneous work schedules). W still give our promise that the 360Date with Gbemi, Rhecks and Toolz will be done eventually, but we have taken a decision to move on to the next one…

So for our next 360Date, we present the Multiple award nominee and winner, Nigerian songstress extraordinaire, the beautiful, voluptuous WAJE!!!

From the dopest collaborations P Square’s “Do me”, M.I‘s “One Naira” to hit singles “So Inspired” & “For a Minute“, our love  for her continuously grows… and with the release of her newest single “Na The Way“, we know we’ll always love her.

WAJE ft J Martin – Na The Way


  WAJE ft J Martin - Na The Way (3.9 MiB, 4,678 hits)

Unknown to many, Waje recently had a successful  appendicitis operation; but while recuperating after the operation, Waje‘s case was further complicated when her doctor discovered she had chronic ulcer.

Thank God I’m back on my feet again. It was a terrible and painful experience for me. The operation went well, but after that it was discovered that I also had chronic Ulcer, because I could not eat. I have now been placed on special diet and I eat a lot these days. I’m also leading a campaign for people to eat regularly in order to avoid Ulcer

Waje, who also had to delay the release of her debut album “Words Aren’t Just Enough (W.A.J.E.)” and cancel some shows is now on the fast track to full recovery and says “I can’t wait to hit the stage  on October 22 at the Hip Hop Awards and do what I do best.

Now on this 3rd edition, One lucky 360nobs reader will get the opportunity to go on an all expense paid lunch date with Waje, where he/she will get the opportunity to talk about any and everything.

To be her lucky companion for a day, here are the rules to play by:

  • Leave only 1 comment stating why Waje should choose you as her date. *multiple entries mean instant disqualification*
  • Keep it as creative and interesting as possible. *No use of foul or dirty language* Keep it PG
  • Use a valid email address in the email address column of the comment box *do not include your email & phone details (Not even BB PIN sef!) in your comment*
  • As much as possible, try to refrain from lobbying/influencing the decision on her Twitter page and other Social Media websites
  • The competition is open to everyone in Lagos
  • For those outside Lagos who wish to compete, you will have to arrange how to get to Lagos on your own if chosen.
  • Commenting is open from now till 11:59pm on Wednesday. *any comments after that will not be valid *

The lady herself, Waje will go through all comments and decide who she would like to go on a date with and then the 360nobs team will contact the lucky winner via email to make all the necessary arrangements.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, WAJE!!! Leggoooooo!!!

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Also don’t forget to vote for her in this year’s Headies Awards Best RnB single” category by SMSing RBS WAJE to 33960 and Channel O Video Awards “Most Gifted Female Video” category by SMSing 2A to +27839208406



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  1. I would love to go on a date with Waje as I think it’ll gimme the chance to ask some interesting questions as well as dine with her

  2. Really just like her and so ganging out with this strong babe wouldn’t be such a bad idea,after such an eventful few months

  3. me am here to read all the comments,i’m very sure there’ll be lots of interesting “applications”
    Waje is an awesome and talented lady,so the lucky winner will really be lucky..Legooooo

  4. We first met in 2006 at a small eatery at ikeja together with chinelo(fahrenheit records)n were bursting to do a duet with you.am sure u wldnt remember.u were quite unknown back then..if u cld achieve sumfin dat phenomenal frm back then..AM SO INSPIRED!

  5. Waje should choose me as her date, bcos i want to meet her and tell her special she is. And also let her know that she may be little in this big world, But bigin my little world.
    I Can’t say how much I like ur songs. Waje you are best and always going to be. i am full of smiles whenever i see you on the screen. give me this opportunity and i wouldnt let you down…

  6. The world as of today is cold and if i can have a date with waje a warm embrace and hug will definitely make this world a better place

  7. Frankly speaking I like ur songs but I am not really wowed by all d celebrity buzz where everybody is so fake nd trying to feel among! Wishing d winner a nice time!thank God 4 his mercies on waje’s recovery nd have a nice time! Though I sorry 4 all d celebs cos even if they hate their date dem no get choice but to put plastic smile all through! Ciao

  8. A date is a date anyhow! However, a date is exciting when you’re with a person who can converse intelligibly and has some intellectual prowess to boot. Do I have all of these?… Waje might just have to find out o! (A re-ash of our conversation with Buki, You, and Tosin M. inside Classic FM studio!

  9. i would love to go on a date with Waje and ask her how she became famous. And other interesting questions like who she’s currently dating and many more

  10. Aunty Waje, i have been ur fan right from when you featured in psquare’s ‘Do Me’. I have read some manythings about you. Enough of the paper works. I want to get to meet my best Nigeria female musician. A photo with will be a lasten memory. Get well faster and be strong o.

  11. I know you’d like to laugh and speak pidgin, maybe i could be all that for you. Now this sounds like am ‘toasting’ you and everyone’s listening. I hate.

  12. Hi 360nobs.com, my name is Friday Joseph. I am a budding artiste with a passion and strong love for music. My dream is to make it and give back to the comunity because I know how bad it is out there. I am from a very poor home and surviving is difficult. When it rains we don’t sleep because the roof is bad. We often go hunry (it could only be a miracle that none of us has ever been diagnosed of ulcer). I lost my dad in 2008 and now I watch my mother as she is gradually dying. If only I could achieve my dream I may just with the help of God give her a few more years if for nothing else to enjoy a little of her labour. I have always looked up to people like Tuface, Psquare, Timaya and Waje herself for inspiration as our stories are not quite different. A day with Waje would for sure impact greatly on my life. Thanks!

  13. You ROCK! Waje. Words Aren’t Just Enough to express how much I admire you, your passion, strength and tenacity. you are a great role model to me and want to thank you for teaching me to keep my head up high always. #mwah

  14. I will like to be Waje’s date cos I want to know who waje is outside d celebrity view and I will love to have a “me” time away from all home stress. It will be fun and a dream come true.

  15. I’m not here to hussle for the position but to laugh and read funny comments of those that wants to hang out with 1 naira and 1 million Waje I’ll see Auntie Waje @ the Headies.

  16. I want a date with waje, to knw her person. Share our similarities and diffrences. I also hv a cousin who has ulcer, waje would need to give me tips that I would share with my cousin to help her get better. My friends says am your look alike so hopefully when we get on dis date we would see how true that is.xoxoxo *Bigbearhugtoyousugar*

  17. I would love to spend some time with Waje cos i see she is a very strong person with an interesting personality and i would like us to be friends so she could also be my very first celeb pal, It would mean sooo much to me.

  18. The first day i heard “SO INSPIRED” ft. MUNA..i had to replay it over and over again for about an hour non-stop..anytime i’m having a bad, the song just plays in my head and i’m good again… i reall adore WAJE cos she’s so natural and so real…a date with her would really make my day..i’d be looking forward to a scintillating conversation with her if i’m eventually picked… 🙂

  19. One night with Waje and Tiwa Savage at De Marquee and that did the magic for me. Its safe to say that I fell inlove with Waje after that night. The way she performed and the songs she sang gave me goosebumps all over, she went from toni’s ‘let it flow’ to Bobby Benson’s Classic highlife ‘If you marry taxi driver’…. Genius! It was awesome and much more than i expected. Waje ended the Show with her ‘Kolo’ Track.. Fabulousity. And when I heard about the Sax Appeal concert, as much as I looked forward to seeing Kenny G perform, it was my anticipation of Waje’s performance that even pushed me to want to buy a ticket. i kid you not. Lol
    Back from the days of psquare’s ‘bizzy body’… to ‘do me’ to Zain/MTV Advance warning contest, Waje has always done it for me. (I was totally rooting for her to win the contest btw, lol)
    In my opinion, Waje is ‘KING’
    I love Waje for many reasons, she strikes me as a very strong individual, she is beautiful, I love, love, love her sense of style.. she totally knows how to work an outfit, sh’s got an amazing smile and her lisp…too cute.
    I could go on and on about how much I admire this Beautiful and talented Songstress, but there’s just so much I can say, really

    I would love meet Waje in person, coz i think she is someone i would really connect with, have a good laff and just have gurl talk with… She strikes me as a very ‘REAL’ person and most of all, i think she’s FABULOUS.

    Long and short.. I just wonna meet her jor *bats eyelashes*

  20. I luv waje so much!she actually m role model.wil luv 2 meet her!coz i also luv singing.especialy her voice in ‘do me’song is rili rili good.i want 2 hear m voice 2!

  21. Just wanna hang out with her. Really wanna know the real WAJE the Celeb Waje is not that WOWIN. You are good but i dnt wanna judge the book by it’s cover.

  22. Hi Waje,
    Onyibo wey I suppose speak to get you on this date don elude me, however, its my Birthday this Friday the 21st. What could be a better present other than a date with WAJE (regardless of course whether birthday pass or not)?

  23. I would like a Date with waje because It will be fun hanging out with 1 of my favorite celebrities and also boost my morale

  24. All I just want to say is #Getwell soon, we all love U and We are going to Pray for U..Thank God That The operation went
    well, Plz do eat. And Take All Ur Medication. Much love stay blessed

  25. I would loooove to go on a date with Waje because not a day goes by without me thinking about her or listening to her songs.I fell in love wit her and her music rite from the 1st time i heard her sing live @ d Mtv Advance Warning show(i just loved the way she said THANK YOU with her voice)…Truth be told;my girlfriend hates how much i love you but i just cant help it(i guess its because ur voice suits my ears & my heart)….Waje,pls choose me as ur date because am d best candiDATE.

  26. I would love to go on a date with Waje because i don’t think there’s a bigger “Waje fan” as myself.. yes I’m the CEO of #TEAMWAJE..

    I love Waje’s Music.. I’ve loved Waje ever since i heard “For a minute”; i was blown away.. i even made my own male version of that song .. i was shocked to find that she is the female voice in P-Square’s “Do me”.. AMAZING!! Her music is very inspiring.. get’s me going.. I remember when “na the way” came out, i played that song every single day (i still do).. i was even on repeat. I love the funky style of her music, with the inclusion of pidgin which makes it kinda playful yet still sending out the message.

    I love Waje’s Style.. she definitely knows how to dress and that’s a major plus plus…

    I love Waje’s Physique.. though she tweets about how she wishes to reduce her size, i feel she’s perfect the way she is.. she stands for the ideal Nigerian Woman..with beauty and brains. *wink*

    Most of all, i LOVE Waje because she’s very spiritual.. and a woman who loves GOD is….. FABULOUS!!

    Point of my long story? I WANT TO MEET WAJE!! #shikena *insert shinning-teeth smiley here*

  27. “To say I like you when I have not met you is more of an understatement, to say I listen to your music eveytime will only make me a lier; however, your uniqueness with the type of music produced speaks much. Having the opportunity of meeting with you will be one of the best moments of my life in my quest for inspiration. Waje, you rock!

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