3 – 6 – zer0ing In on Dotun of Cool FM

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3 things we don’t know about you

  1. I am a bit emotional and cry when i watch Secret Millionaire on BBC knowledge
  2. I am a fashion freak …i can hardly take my eyes off wares when i see one
  3. I’m a spendthrift


DO to the TUN! What was growing up like? From getting pampered to getting spanked…

Pampered..lol..well I was for a while but my own owning spanking at an early age was because my parents were so convinced if they dont put it right, it might cost them their surname; meaning i might soil it with my extreme behavior and stubborness.

My parents were very loving regardless, but I chop all the cane that my siblings should have shared in. I am happy it happened cos it shaped to me to be a better person. I grew up in a family of 5 – mum and dad, a brother and sister. I had a fulfilled background cos we never lacked, and education came first.

What motivated your interest, dreams and aspirations to someday become the voice behind the microphone?

My motivation was my dad and the will to succeed. He made me listen to radio, read papers, magazines, watch TV and made sure he got me surrounded with every form of information. His efforts were crowned when i finally got my chance with a lecturer of mine who gave me an option to do my internship with MiTV, RHYTHM or COOLFM. I chose CoolFM cos i was a fan. it was just that will, cos radio was an accident initially till i was given my own chance after my internship.

Your most fulfilling moment since you achieved your career goal would be?

My most fulfilling moment was when I won the student award for on-air personality of the year in federal university of technology akure (FUTA),  and I was also nominated for the Future Awards on-air personality of the year the same month. The irony behind that of FUTA was they actually listened to me online, they knew me like the back of their hands.

Your voice has sure got you a long list of secret admirers/crushes. Talking about love, what makes up your ideal relationship?

One word, LOVE! It only takes my mind back even when i say the dandiest things when am angry or depressed. Same appplies to everyone I know. I love my friends and family.

To ease stress, where are those places that provide you with the perfect vacation?

I have fallen in love with the emirates stadium in london and all the special people in my life live in the UK. My stress relievers also live there.

Noble recently made known 120 things he hates about the island. What irks you about the Island?

The island is a good place to live, but a lot of people live above their means and limits because they want to impress. It really makes me laugh, it can be annoying when you see an array of fake people.

zeroing in

Shout-out to my new signings on my record label – Pepenazi and Shizzo, hot cats coming up, no doubt. Abiodun Orehin – my very good friend and business partner, Evita Moussalli (GMD, CoolFM) and Chadi (head of programmes) they actually believed in me. My baby – Ella, Daddy Freeze and my lovely parents Mr and Mrs Kayode and other OAPS. It’s a challenge, work harder…



I'm 8°C - Nice to a fault & I really know how to keep up with people. Allergic to fake souls, pretense & maltina. I love me & its okay if you don't. I believe in myself, much more than you can imagine. My happiness is all I pursue. I love 360nobs.com. I'm a sucker for maltesers... I'm TT Reju


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