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A watch is the single most important accessory a man can own as a watch can make u look good even when naked. It’s probably the only accessory you never think of taking off before sex.

………I never owned a wrist watch till recent times, thanks to my sisters always obtaining them and me constantly forgetting to wear them out. Over the years thanks to my wife my views have changed a great deal. If you are looking to invest in a watch here are some things to look out for:

Different watches for different occasions: It’s best practice to have at least 3 watches;
· For the office (Preferably leather if you are the 9 – 5 suit wearing type) sporty watches on suits equals #epicfail.

· For the weekend/fun times (Preferably rubber/ sporty for beach, pool , house parties , and polo tops chill outs)

· For formal occasion (Preferably metal bracelet: weddings, dinner etc.)

Right fit: It’s awkward to see a guy who’s on the Big side (body size) wearing a small faced watch and pitiful to see a slim dude wearing a chain watch with a face the size of mars. (Lol)

· If you are of a XL frame, opt for watches with large faces.

· If you are petite, stay off big face watches, so you don’t look like the watch is wearing you. Go for more compact watch models.

Skin Color: It’s also very important to consider the skin color against the strap of a watch and color of what you are wearing, the safest color for straps is usually black as they go with any skin color.

Temperature or Weather: The Naija sun doesn’t help wearing leather strap as constant sweating leaves the watchstrap all smelly.

Comfort: If you think of taking off your watch before sex then you have the wrong watch either to heavy or too big. Wearing a wristwatch should never be a burden. It should never be too loose or too tight. Always search for the perfect fit.


Cost: Determine your price limit. A good watch does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

· Low Cost–sporty look usually with a rubber or plastic finish is the cheapest of the lot.  It’s fun and stylish.

· Medium Cost – casual look with a stainless steel face and leather strap.

· High Cost – Formal and Designer watches, straps usually made from precious  metal



· Never buy off hawkers in traffic as it’s probably a mass produced watch with reduced quality.

· Avoid internet retail sites and online stores as testing the weight and fit of the watch before purchase is important (No 28days return clause for Naija shops ohh ).



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  1. New Watch Alert…….
    This only thing the writer forgot to include was how to make money to afford this wonderful timepieces lol good post tho.

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