No BS: The People We Love

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Imana eburu ozu onye ozo, odika ebu nku. I guess you are wondering why someone would start an article in Igbo, i’m wondering the same. In recent times, I have seen people ask or tweet “Why are young people dying?” The truth is, people die everyday both old and young but because these people are not related to us or in the limelight, we often don’t know about their deaths.

Everybody is loved by someone and pray never to lose the people they care about. Back in Uni, a particular girl came to school and acquired a lifestyle that was popular in school even though her family could not afford the lifestyle. She lied about everything from the colour of her favourite panties to the colour of their gate at home. She claimed her parents lived abroad and only saw her during the holidays.

She deprived her parents the opportunity of seeing her during holidays, as she would rather spend her holidays with her new found friends who stay in Lagos instead of travelling to Mgbidi to help her mother in the farm. After some time, when her mother couldn’t reach her, she decided to go visit her in Enugu. She packed fruits and Corn in a brown Akpa Rice and took the usual Wagon from Mgbidi to Enugu State.

On getting to the University, she went to the Business Management Department and someone directed her to Lady Ibiam Hall. Equipped with the correct room number, she took yet another Okada from “Abuja” to Lady Ibiam. The potters sent someone to inform her that her mother was around, gist went round the hostel and a small concerned crowd gathered to meet the much talked about mother of a happening UNEC chic.

She came out with her roommate and saw the fine elderly woman dressed in a gown carrying a black bag and a brown ‘ Akpa rice” filled with Oka, Ube and food ingredients. Standing there, was her mother and when she saw her daughter, she called out “Ukachi”, her native name which she thought was uncool and had changed her name to “Stacy” She didn’t want people to know that she has been lying about her background, so she did what she thought was right. She said,

“Please who are you? You are not my mother and I don’t know you. This is how you crazy people will be going about claiming other people’s children”

Without waiting for the woman to say something, she walked back to her room. The woman waited, cried and sat down hoping she would have a change of heart. Ukachi didn’t come back out Her mother was asked to leave by the porters when she couldn’t prove that she was Stacy’s mother. With nowhere to stay in Enugu, the woman ended up taking a night bus to Mgbidi. That was the last time she saw Ukachi and the family she left behind in Mgbidi. The bus had an accident and nobody survived.

Ukachi’s mother died heart broken and unsure of what took place in Enugu. When the news finally got to Stacy, she broke down and cried. She opened up and blamed herself for killing her mother. Stacy broke the heart of a woman who loved her. She broke her mother’s heart and will never get the opportunity of asking her for forgiveness.

Different people love us and we’ve also loved different people but in some cases, we always shy away from letting people know how much they mean to us. Some of us have been in relationships where we’ve treated our partners badly but have never thought of going back to apologise to them even though we know that we took their love for granted. Everyday people get into relationships with other people just for the sole purpose of using them for selfish gains. The way life is structured, nobody really knows their last days on earth and because of this simple reason, it is wise to acknowledge those that love you and treat them right.

We cannot choose our parents and I also don’t think any parents came to the world with the purpose of becoming unsuccessful. We all have a dream; they had one and probably still do. They may not have made it in life like Dangote but they gave you what no one else could have given you- LIFE.

Love your parents; take good care of them in their old age. Complain less about them. Be kind to people so that when you are old and weak, people will take care of you without wickedness in their hearts. Don’t be in a haste to share bad news; everything bad is a loss to someone. Take out time today to tweet, call, sms or hug someone you love.

When we are no longer here, we would only be remembered by our deeds.

This goes out to the ones we love.

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. Honestly this is so touching. Reminds me of a story i heard in school about a girl who changed her name to strawberry n sometimes am like your parents who gave u d name gave u for a reason, y change it? Anyways i just hope people learn. Nice write up btw

  2. I’m very guilty! Thanks for reminding me,this is so beautiful. God bless you and the people we love.
    I’m off to communicate with my people. This is a great lesson for me.

  3. This is as close to the truth as anyone can get and the closer u are to the truth, the closer u are to the heart. ‎​♈ōϋ have touched my heart with this truth and confirmed what I have always known: Family and other dear ones are more important than a fly reputation. GOD bless ‎​♈ōϋ Nobs!

  4. Its sad sha but Pls oh! how is Ukachi responsible 4 a road traffic accident in a place she wasn’t even present plus why mama ukachi no just crash 4 one park mayb cross country, ABC, God is good or d young shall grow park?

  5. Nice work!! Truth be told,I knw so many chics lyk ukachi..I keep praying they dnt lose or hurt pple they love b4 they realise their stupidity

  6. There may not have made it like Dangote but they have given u what no one else can give u LIFE………………DEEP
    Nice read

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