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Hello my lovelies! We are so very excited to kick off the 360nobs Fashion week campaign. First of, we would love to thank all the participating designers for keeping this under wraps while I was still creating this initiative. As a professional gossip, I know how hard it is to keep your mouth shut.

The 360nobs fashion week campaign is NOT a fashion show. It is a campaign created to facilitate increased recognition for Nigerian designers during New York, London and Paris Fashion Week. Over the course of this campaign we will critically compare and contrast pieces produced by Nigerian designers and pieces produced by international designers participating in the 3 chosen Fashion weeks.

From a fashion perspective, I will be able to fully illustrate and open your eyes to talent in the Nigerian fashion industry from; designers, stylists and make-up artists and model coaches. The Nigerian fashion industry is growing with rapid speed but we need increased recognition.




The BRAHI Dress: This unique piece is inspired by geometry as well as the relationship between form and function – there is no “copy-cat” neither is there a pattern that was drawn from another designers back or hard work. On the contrary,it is tailored to a certain kind of persona- the Bride- and so doing tells a story behind the individual who may be drawn to it.

Fashion week is reminiscent of glamour, fashion-innovations and sparkle; this piece embodies all those elements; the use of silk and brocade in the infusion of maroon and dark silver gives it a sparkle while the full skirt and the use of crystal embellishment adds glamour and expression.



Like the Prima Rouge dress, Oscar de la Renta stormed the runway with princess-like gowns made from rich fabrics and inbuilt personality. There are very striking similarities between both designs. There is a fairytale/bridal theme in these gowns, layered with elements of sophistication and aristocracy.

Well seasoned designer, Oscar de la Renta has been around for decades in sharp contrast to new and upcoming label – Prima Rouge. With decades of experience setting each deign house apart, it is a marvel that anyone can point out similarities and craftsmanship that has gone into the construction of these elegant gowns.




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