Smirnoff Midnight Circus

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So today, there i was, going about my normal activities when my phone rings. I was called by SMIRNOFF. Funny, I thought the Miami party was the last party but hey, its cool. I was invited to an exclusive party that is meant to hold on the 23rd.  I’m not lying when I say I’m fascinated to find out more about this event.

We all know Smirnoff does great parties and that whatever they do, they do it big, and so I think this event will be newsworthy.

I was at the last party they threw when they brought Miami to Nigeria. It was really something else – incredible energy, amazing entertainment, really, really cool – so I don’t have to tell you that I am looking forward to what they have planned next.

The location of the launch party is putting all kinds of thoughts in my head. The invite says Smirnoff Circruise, so I know it’s on a boat. Are they going to be sailing us to some cool location to sample the nightlife there?  Cant say for now but I’m sure it’ll be as exciting!

Will keep you all posted.



The 6 o"clock man.


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