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Barely a month after Akas (aka Akasoyo) released his single titled “E FI MI SILE”, rumour has it that the song was a dis-track! It is believed that the track is meant to spite certain people in the music industry although no names have been mentioned.

Some say the message of this song is directed at some artists in the industry who, despite all Akas’ hard work, will not see him as more than a child and a mere ‘upcoming’ R’n’B singer. Many others claim he has beef with the Press and some OAP’s but they are all still rumours. No names have yet been mentioned but fingers are still pointing in all directions. Some even say that he is leaving Big Dreams Entertainment, the record label he is signed to.

 Akas, on the other hand, is certain that the song isn’t meant to disrespect anyone. He was just merely expressing himself the best way he thought to; through music.

“We all get to that point in life when we just need to hear only two voices; yours and God’s. That is the point I’m trying to make with

E FI MI SILE. I am not disrespecting anyone…and I am not leaving Big Dreams!!! Where do all these rumours come from sef?”

Although Akas is stated to release an album before the end of the year, he has a couple of singles out there for his fans to download.

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