Myth Busters: How To Play The Killer Number Prank

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Nigeria is a unique country!

As if the Boko Haram crisis and people saying they would rather kill themselves than commit suicide weren’t bad enough, we get hit by the return of the killer number (and we thought only Nollywood movies did sequels).

With a specialized number of 091411, the news went viral as soon as it dropped on September, 14, 2011 (09/14/11) –  Got 83 Broadcasts, 47 SMSes, 15 chain emails, 2 calls and one of the company’s drivers swore that a neighbour died after picking up the number.

I’ve asked him to get me proof and sure enough there wasn’t any …he said he didn’t know the neighbour that well, the next day.  Heck! If this was true, how come it hasn’t made the NTA news yet?

Some peeps have said the mobile operators are behind this hoax since they stand to gain a few Naira from SMSing (I got 47 SMSes …I am 1 person out of an estimated 45 million mobile phone users …do the maths), others do swear that the killer number actually exists …hey who am I to say that tooth fairies don’t exist and besides has anyone (apart from Mistah Cole) seen White Noise? it’s a possibility!

But please if you do have proof on killer numbers, share them with us.

Anyway, I won’t knock anyone’s beliefs …what I’m here for is to actually show you how to play a killer number prank

Disclaimer: Do not play this on people with weak hearts or are really superstitious!!!

  1. Grab a friend’s phone or that of your evil boss without them knowing
  2. Look for your name on the phone
  3. Click on edit details
  4. Change your name found in the first name label from <fname> to 091411
  5. Delete any other name found in the last name label
  6. Leave your number as is
  7. Click save/done
  8. Return the phone without getting caught
  9. Put your phone on silent
  10. Dial your friend’s phone
  11. Viola! Killer number 091411 appears on the screen
  12. Get ready to watch your own reality show of “Friend acting out a scene from Scream


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  1. Wait a min why am i excluded from those you’re asking nau 🙁 SEGREGATION!!! I’m calling my lawyer.

    Oh Yeah, nice article. A bike guy at the office said he got the text but didnt believe it and then when someone sent a message that someone just died, he bought 200NGR credit and sent the text to people in his village and all. By the time he realized it was all bollocks, he turned off his phone and went to bed cos of his relatives panicking… i just stood there starred at him and shook my head.
    Killer Beans–> Killer number–> Killer tomatoes—> killer number… what else would kill in this country?

  2. Hmmm.. Me and u tink alike.. Already played d prank on ma almost all my friends b4 i saw dis message.. I must tell u it was bomb scare madness.. Hahahaahahah

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