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I love fashion week. Sorry scratch that, I am obsessed with fashion week!!!!

The easiest way to stay ahead of the trends is to follow fashion week closely. Every collection showcased on the runway is a means through which you can predict the fashion trends for the coming year.

Fashion Week kicked off this year at the Mercedes Benz centre in New York, with designers such as Charlotte Ronson and Kung. This year had more designers than usual so it was particularly difficult to shortlist the top three collections.
Here are my picks of the best so far….
Diane Von Furstenberg
I love how Diane has successfully merged different colour hues and cuts into a single collection. Yellow, beige, blue, peach, grey, and orange are some of the colours you can find in her collection.
Her collection is particularly striking because she makes reference to the classic preppy look but still manages to deviate from that into chic, incredibly polished and somewhat girlie pieces. She uses floral prints but takes it into a completely new dimension by manipulating the fabric pattern so the prints look more quirky than not and don’t forget those awkward hemlines on the dresses. Oh how we love Diane!

Charlotte Ronson
Blue blue blue blue! Demin and then some more denim!
Over the past two years, we’ve seen the celebration of denim shorts, shorts, waistcoats, dresses, jackets and everything else in between. Just when I was about to hold myself in anticipation of this trend coming to an end, Charlotte Ronson surprised as all with an influx of demin and all things blue at New York Fashion Week.
So if you were thinking of getting rid of your denim apparel, better think again.

Tommy Hilfiger
You saw it here first! Preppy is one of the trends to watch out for next year. Tommy Hilfiger gave us a treat two days ago with his all round preppy collection which featured; purple leather skirts, vintage trouser suits, stripped sweaters, cut blazers and don’t forget the severely sleeked back hair and nude make up.
I’m happy to see a trend that wouldn’t require time and effort next year, nude make up and severely polished hair are one of the easiest beauty tricks in the book.

Last night Oscar de la Renta unveiled his new collection in New York to fave reviews. Watch this space for all the details.



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