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Dear 360 readers

I need to first and foremost apologize for my absence, I am sorry for not being able to deliver articles as I used to. I had baby mama drama and was in a state of depression for a very long time. I did not envisage sharing my minimal trust fund with someone else. Please don’t judge me, blame it on the alcohol and a malfunctioning rubber, I’m working on suing for damages.

I don’t know if I was missed but anyways, I’m back whether you like it or not.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely intentional.

I am scared for my generation and the ones coming after, there is a tsunami coming and I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop it alone, if you’re a scholar of the holy book, you’ll probably just accept that this are the signs of the end and get closer to the Father but if you’re more of an atheist then call me … I’ll like to hear your views.

Why the sudden gloom and doom, well the reason is right in front of our eyes, still confused? Well In the words of the infamous Rick Rozay I just wanna get money before I die young”. That there is the reason.

Introducing – Damojo, an upwardly mobile, 5’ 7inch slim and handsome banker. Damojo graduated with a Second class upper; was the quiet, elusive, cool, unpretentious and sometimes friendly colleague. Fast forward a couple of years and he’s on his grind in the outside world, trying to cut his teeth in the capital market.

Next up is Fat bastard, a tall, charming, light-skinned, striking gap toothed easterner. He was considered one of the cool kids while at Uni and was the life of every social event in school. Fast forward a few hundred days and not much has changed except for the fact that now he’s all street smart, savvy, and now blows money like its being plucked from a magical tree.

Now these two fellas though completely different in character, have one and the same intention, they have one goal which is get rich or die trying, and basically that’s all we are trying to do. The truth is in this metropolis called “Gidi” no one wakes up in the morning without a sense of purpose (even a mad man has a purpose, don’t ask me what) achieving that purpose on the other hand is a whole different ball game.

I am not a priest and I cannot predetermine anyone’s purpose in life. All I know is that we all need basic amenities which unluckily cannot be wished for or plucked from a tree. So our first purpose is to satisfy those basic needs, that’s why institutions were formed and alliances were pledged. Every other thing is secondary. The truth is not everyone was created to be wealthy, some were made to be content but contentment is another story in itself.

In the case of these two young men, they live in a society where contentment is a foreign word, welcome to the new Lagos, where people constantly show each other up, ball on pure water budgets and follow trends like EFCC chases shadows.

I am not against doing just about everything to become a member of the B.B.C.; my issue is the rate at which we want this exclusive membership. The truth is not everyone deserves to be a member. With hard work thrown out the door and dubious and devious means now being employed, it leads me to wonder where our principles and morality have gone.

I don’t think a lot of people my age think about this or even bother with such nonsense (in their heads) but the truth is we are heading nowhere in such a rush, a country where everyone is so self centred can never have unity, looting would continue, kidnappings will become the order of the day, and boko haram would just keep being stupid.

I ask that we should take a brief moment and consider whether we like the current state of things or if we would like to see change. You need to be outraged to begin the change process and I am tired of a lot of things.

I am tired of people borrowing money that they can’t pay back, yet are bottle poppers on Friday nights; I am tired of ladies calling or allowing you a lay just to inform you they would need a 100thousand for a new phone, new hair, or a bloody bag. I am tired of being invited out only to pick up the tab at the end of the day; I am tired of people who are employed who can’t afford to pay their bills, BIS inclusive, without help. I am sick of the cuthroat, don’t care who I destroy attitude all in the hunt for the status quo. I am sick, tired and frustrated with people who have but yet don’t have.

I am so sick and tired I bought a one way ticket to Montreal……..

Who’s with me?



Who am I? Simply put I’m N.O.T or simpler still NUTS. I love life - the ups, the downs, the merry go rounds, but most of all I love that babe that carried me for nine months ... She’s my inspiration, my role model. I can kill for music & I’ve seen enough movies to tell u the end; I love women & hanging out especially with my peoples. On that note enjoy my articles; sometimes it’ll be funny, sometimes long & annoying but most times it’ll just be nutty.


  1. nice peace. the truth is, we are all products of our environment but have the will to choose our paths. There are many ways to make money legitimately without hurting our fellow brother or rubbing it in their faces. what’s most important is realizing why we are here.

  2. You can take it for granted that we all know the problem. Be nice if you put your efforts into finding a way forward.that its the next frontier. This is a. Test.

  3. I’m wiv ya 100% on the borrowing and never paying back bit….!! We really need to learn to be CONTENT and make a conscious effort @ developing healthy self esteem as individuals. Hair weaves, mobile phones, cars e.t.c are ONLY accessories. Focus really should shift to more important stuff!!

  4. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely intentional.
    Better get a good lawyer, I’m suing ya @$$!
    Nice piece bro, only correction…It’s get RICH or DIE, don’t DIE trying!

  5. anoti baba o! never counted u for one who stood for the conventional work hard,pray and be sucecessful lifestyle.nice one! Really, the future of naija as one nation is highly uncertain not with the glaring selfishness displayed by most people.some of d badly constructed roads are d ones done by indigenous construction companies.
    So,When is d naming ceremony abi….

  6. anoti baba o! never counted u for one who stood for the conventional work hard,pray and be sucessful lifestyle(legally rich).nice one! Really, the future of naija as one nation is highly uncertain not with the glaring selfishness displayed by most people.some of d badly constructed roads are d ones done by indigenous construction companies.
    I just believer that we may implode soon with this unending cycle of corruption with each generation getting smarter nd raising the bar.
    Anyway,When is d naming ceremony abi….

  7. We lack the substance to get high that’s y we pay per bottle for every drop of respect we get.

    I don’t complain about these things anymore cos its more of a blessing than a curse to people wiv understanding.

    As they r poppin bottles, I’m poppin new ideas; pinging, I’m reading, showing off, I’m pulling off! At the end it’ll be a lonely journey to the steady top, cos my poeples r not just ready to do the climbing!

  8. Well what do you propose should be done? Its one thing to write and talk,its another to act. I do not even know where to begin with this piece but we all seem to blame one thing or the other for our problems. A good example is you blaming your new fatherhood on alcohol and a malfunctioned rubber. Yes the system we find ourselves in today is really bad and getting worse by the minute but we are the cause. If we have totally written off the people on top as incompetent and corrupt well we would replace them one day.and what can we say of ourselves. We are the change we seek. So my question again-what do you propose should be done? Meanwhile congratulations on your being a father!

  9. OMG! I’m with u more dn all d way! Yl I understand d need to get rich or die, I still cannot understand d need to eliminate all human obstacle on d way attitude ppl have!
    Society: family, religious inst, skls n even govt have to go back to d drawing board to see where we deviated from the right path! Until a welfare system is in place to ensure the poor/average man can sustain himself, then we r all just joking around. Whenever u get rich, u wd still have one poor man lurking around u! And until we imbibe d culture of making do with what we earn/deserve, we r heading no where!
    My new town is crazy! Ppl just feel they can borrow ur life out! WTF? Including married ppl that boast abt what their husbands do for them turn round to want to borrow! And they use all d brazillian hair n all that u don’t use!! The borrowing even extends to guys wanting to borrow from gals! Its sick!
    As for dt BIS one, I get so embarrassed n feel d strong urge to delete 2females on my bb who r in d habit of announcing when their bis is running out! One actually did an hourly countdown! Nokia fones don’t need bis!

  10. Your best piece yet! All true and definitely written from the heart! Our generation is only a reflection of the global society – the rush is everywhere! Ppl want to earn the big paychecks and will do anything to do just that! I’m also tired of all the crazy-az, broke-az, good-for-nothin-az, lazy-az, po-az ppl out there, living a life that’s a 100 times above them. The funny thing which most of us fail to realise is that hardwork always; I repeat, ALWAYS pays off!

  11. PREACH BROTHER! U couldn’t have said it better.

    Everyone is so phony these days… trying to live lifestyles they can’t afford, but not willing to work for it. I feel so… out-of-place among my “friends” and the Nigerian youth. I’m all for simplicity, and I just can’t keep up with these girls trying to outdo each other with their constantly changing hair, wardrobe, phones. I’m so glad I don’t live in Nigeria otherwise I’d just be depressed… I’m loving my pressure-free lifestyle.

  12. Well said! Nobody wants to start off small anymore! Greed is the root of all these BS. U see a young graduate telling u he wants a house in banana island and drive a lexus jeep! Nigger! Sit down.. People should learn to start frm d beginning, nobody wants to work, but we all want to live large, spending money, traveling on vacations on borrowed money, buying cars on borrowed money that is way beyond our income, we jus generally want the easiest and shortest ways out of life and work. I believe nothing good comes easy, thers no one with wealth today who didn’t stat off poor. Mayb I’m old skol sha.. I dunno

  13. @Ngufy…hope u dnt mind coach…lol

    @ipublicizenaija…preach it…mayb one dy people wil see d truth…

    @Achow…I’m running 4public office…iv got racks on racks of solutn bt u stil need a mental change frm d people

    @chinxxy…self esteem, u r so rite

    @damojo…babalakin na my cousin o…so b warned…thnks mate…4bein a good sport

    @chizzy…I do somtyms think legit,bt somtyms temptation is hard to resist…wat naming..???

    @GudDoc…I love me some bottles o…na rap u dey rap ni

    @gini…I’m blaming evry1 cos we all ve dat greed, som more dan odas, I wnt change, so I’m strtin wit d man in d mirror, I’m askin if u wnt it too….nd yes rubber mess me up…d company is liable…

    @keiskwerd…pls tell dem o…nokia no need BIS..Gbam!!

    @funkfash…Word!!!..hardwork pays…even as a SARGE 😀

    @alibaba…I tire baba…tsunami no dey montreal..I don buy non-refundable alredy

    @Sisi…thank God 4 u…bt I heard L.A nd miami r worse sef…

    @Yetunde…I cldnt ve…;-)

    @seyitude…strt a program 4dat…

    @deevegal…der most b somfin in d air…

    P.S d baby is up 4adoption…cept ders a no drama woman out der dat wnts me plus d baby…(Dat isn’t mine)..oh well!

  14. Hmmmmmm……Guy ur going down o!!!….u lied mr man!!!!I’m real and I’m going 2 sue ur ass……u berra not touch ur savings…cos by d time I am through wiv u ….ud be very sorry….lol …well back in the days the saying used to be dat u should always be content with what uv got……the world now with all its changes….Global warming,Global recession,Global population boom and all d other Global hazards….we are left with very limited resources to go round……so the need for the mad hustle…..the present day Saying is “u should never be content with what u have cos that’s automatically d beginning of poverty”…..so y should u be content when u can always get more from life?hustle my Ni**a or die in poverty!!!no time guy!….. the other aspect”saving”….y save dat money when ud always end up spending it on something stupid?abeg blow dat money on some bottles of Rossay,grey goose,Alomo bitters sef wateva makes u happy…..Life is too short mehn!!…u can’t take ur money 2 heaven u know….my final reason comes from the book itself “Give and it shall be given unto u”…spend on others and urself ….and yee shall be blessed abundantly….if u like Mr Not call me again this friday to hang wit d ballers!!…..okpo!!!….

  15. It quie unfortunate that some of our peers with all the
    education they’ve got r still so narrow minded- living for
    the henny and brazillians they can’t afford.

    Good job NOT but remember u can’t run for office from montreal.

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