Get Familiar: Uti ft M Trill – Once In My Life

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Once in my Life” is the First Single by Uti.

I was really scared to write because I really did not see myself as a poet… but as God would have it, I went thru a painful experience.

The funny thing is that the instrumentals were coyed for a love song called “Good thing” written for me by Owunmi, but when the Producer Shogon aka Dollar sound developed the instrumentals, all I could feel was pain. “Good thing” is a love song And dis wasn’t screaming love, it was crying pain …and as I was just recovering from a bad case of multiple backstabbing, the lyrics came easy!

Executive producer and CEO of Back to Black Records, DON AMANDO, jst said “Uti write wetin de ur mind..we go fine tune am if e nor jell” …so when I heard the instrumentals, the first words that came to my head were “ONCE IN MY LIFE”….and the words started flowing

All I had to do was spill out how I felt due to betrayal from my friends as a result of women and money. Mtrill was on his way out of town and I begged him to kill the song with a deep rap and BOY did he deliver! So much pain and anger which was perfect for the song! Mtrill KILLED IT! Its a very emmotional song and it’s soo different from everything u hear out there!

My favourite genre of Music has always been POP/Rock! I don’t see myself making an album that isn’t… I decided to stay away frm naija gbedu music, instead, I’ll feature on them. So far I’ve been featured on 2 people’s tracks – Dezign(fresh boys in the club) and Churchill(teddy bear remix), there’s definately more to come.

It’s the first of many great nigerian rock singles that will come from me. So far the feedback has been awesome! Not a single neggative remark! So it appears we are doing something right. This song was written and recorded in ONE day! Infact in 4 hours!

Believe it or not, the video was shot over 2 days by Patrick Ellis and Directed by BIOLA SOBO. The video also stars Uti’s close friends! Alex Ekubo first runner up Mr Nigeria plays the villain and he does this convincingly. My band mates consists of Ajibade Gbenro Emmanuel who slams on the guiter with awesome attitude, Boma Akpore beats the drums quite effortlessly, Ejiro jalogho was the Back up singer while kenneth okolie played the piano.

The video absolutely captures the mood of what the song is about; although I dont want people to limit the betrayal to the one about the girl cos it cuts across all levels of trust… it’s just what happens when someone with a good open heart decides to trust just once and then he gets super betrayed by the ones he allowed in his life.

In common naija proverb “Na who know you go kill you” lol …so that’s about it. The album will have about 10-12 tracks and will feature some musicains in nigeria that have never flirted with the Rock genre. There’s no set time for the release of the album but the next single is going to be just as awesome.

Ladies & Gentlemen! I present to you Nigeria’s newest Rockstar Uti and his single.

Yup! Get familiar!

Uti – Once in my life


  Uti - Once in my life (5.2 MiB, 2,569 hits)



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  1. Hi,I just listened to the music,overall rating 65% for me.I felt like it was produced and arranged in a hurry (cobams wldve nailed dis 4u,if u can,pls do a remix wit him),I can’t lie/decieve u,u did well my African prince and I see potential in you for more!

  2. UTI , the song tightttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt,…………………………YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
    once in my life, i put my trust in someone else….bro u tryyyyyyyyyyy

  3. my man dem say warri nor dey carry last but na now i know say you be delta the good lord we serve will see usw through.

  4. …God for carry only u one come dis world naa, as Him con decide to package you with evertin so. ha ha ha… tight man, tight.

  5. sorry uti i totally enjoyed the song because this is a remix of the original one who ever wrote what is up there is not me is somebody who stole my password and am correcting it rigth now

  6. What else can i say, this is what we are talking about, its all about creativity. Uti u searched it, found it, caught it and eventually Killed it! You Rock with ur Rock…..

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