Don’ts for owners of Beats by Dre head phones (and If you own the ear phones, sorry minimalists don’t count)

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Yeah, we know it’s the trending musical accessory but that does not mean you can’t look un-cool if you rock it the wrong way.

Kole Huntella, your friendly neighborhood gadget expert gladly provides tips on how to stay fly and get some attention with your uber cool headphones (of course most of you buy the headphones to show off. Who doesn’t know that?) 

1. Except you have a coke bottle figure or have a six pack tucked neatly under your vest, jogging down your street with your Beats by Dre won’t exactly earn you a double take stare. LOL, yes darling! Just like you won’t notice how expensive a lady’s Brazilian weave is if she does not look attractive in the first place.

2. If you live in a ghetto, don’t rock your Beats by Dre headphones in your ghetto; or any other ghetto for that matter.

3. For all they care – It could have been gotten from the “desktop charger” seller’s kiosk. And if you live in a posh area, then don’t rock your headphones on your next trip to the ghetto. It could be a security hazard. That ish costs the same as a curve 2. Go figure!

4. We understand color blocking is the latest trend – but sugar, color blocking = a nice mix of colors that is pleasurable to the eye. Don’t be mistaken for color riot. Yes, YOU! Your colors are so many we mistook your Beats by Dre headphones for another piece of dressing. It won’t be a bad idea to buy a neutral color. But if you choose to buy as many adventurous colors as you can afford that’s fine, just don’t mess with our sights sha! He he he …

5. Some occasions don’t need a Beats by Dre head phone accessorizing. Ehm, add prom night, that musical award show, dinner with your beau and the red carpet. Believe me, no way I’ll act like I know you if I see you rocking a headphone on the red carpet. Excuse me, have we ever met? You look like that teenager abusing his curfew!

6. As far as the “book of headphone abuse” goes – none would probably beat using your Beats by Dre headphones while driving. Dude, that’s worse than leaving your windows up without air conditioning in your ride. You might as well write n-o-t-i-c-e m-e on your wind screen with red lipstick.

Hopefully, this should help if you already have your Beats by Dre headphones. And if you don’t, feel free to laugh at any of your friends who might have committed these crimes.
Kole Huntella lives in Lagos. You can follow him on twitter @huntellagadgets to get more tips and massive discounts on all your Beats by Dre products.



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  1. there’s this begger at the world trade center site in ny in a wheel chair who has beats headphones. not giving him shit….i cant even buy them for myself

  2. Come on, guys! The stereo sound isn’t as good as “The Beat” sound… If I use them while I’m driving, it’s purely for the sound quality – not to make “shakara”!

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