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Adaku Iwueze-Uwahemu is the creative director and designer behind the handmade African inspired jewellry line Dϋk Zephne(pronounced Dook-Zef-ne).  What apparently started as a hobby has expanded into a fully blown business. The brand Dϋk Zephne was established in 2009 and already gaining appropriate recognition.  

Dϋk Zephne’s unique jewellry are made using a clever mix of exquisite beads such as pearls, coral, metal beads, bone beads, precious stones, ceramic, glass beads as well as recycled materials(very eco-friendly) such as wine corks, shells.  The jewellry also has quirky names such as Garnished Dodo, Coconut Spears, Spicy Bone, Native Avocado, Escargots and many more.

Her most current lookbook is called the Eke Day collection.

Support Nigerian Designers, Buy Nigerian.

Duk Zephne
Duk Zephne Duk Zephne
Duk Zephne Duk Zephne Duk Zephne Duk Zephne Duk Zephne Duk Zephne Duk Zephne
Visit http://www.dukzephne.com to purchase or find out more.  

Contactdukzephne@dukzephne.com or customerservice@dukzephne.com

Telephone: East Coast: 571-432-7855/ West Coast: 510-499-1716



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