Coming Soon: Mistah Cole presents: The Top 20 Nigerian Music Vol. II…The Bloggers Choice

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Back in July and for the 1st time in Nigeria (and possibly Africa), 5 Top Music Bloggers (@iamQuedy@JibolaL, @Mistahcole, @OsaGz & @Oyeakd) from some of your favourite websites collaborated to provide the 1st Volume of the Top 20 Nigerian Music Compilation for your massive enjoyment.

This  first volume of the Top 20 Nigerian hottest songs was chosen from songs (no freestyles) released during the first half of 2011 (January 1 – June 30).

Powered by &, the compilation went on to do well thanks to the individuals involved and a number of online media support.

Volume II  drops on a website near you Soon!! The Chart will feature the very best in Nigerian music, from what you’ve heard to songs that you might have missed between July and August, 2011.

If you love Nigerian music, then this compilation is one you ought to look forward to.

In the  meantime, you can still download Vol I below or check it out here

Download Vol I HERE



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