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Asa, Asa, Asa. I am such a fan and avid follower of this lady’s music and fashion sense. While I would love to sit here and dissect her music, I mean there is A LOT to talk about, I’d rather celebrate her constant reference to vintage fashion through her sense of style.

 In a world where people constantly proclaim their love for all things quirky and vintage, Asa sets the bar very high for fellow vintage lovers. Her style appears to me to be carefully thought out but you almost certainly know she’s one of those ladies that just throw anything on and head out the door. This is what makes her so genius.

The Geeky Specs

One of her staple signature looks are; the Geeky glasses. I have been very vocal about my distaste for geeky glasses, I mean everyone has a pair or even two these days. But Asa truly owns this staple accessory, she wears them so effortlessly and so often you would almost wonder if there is some other benefit


The Brightly Coloured Jacket

Another one of Asa’s staple pieces are bright coloured and slightly cropped jackets. Jackets cut like this are tough to wear if you have the wrong physique. I particularly love how she teams skin tight pants with her jackets, a look like that can easily look unflattering but not for Asa.

Stacked Bangles

Stacked bangles, rings and necklaces are very in right now. Think of it was “the more the merrier”. Asa is bang on trend with stacked Ankara bangles. Now you have every reason to do a double take when you see her.

The Super Tight Pants

For Asa, it’s all about balance here. If she shows up in super tight pants then expect a well balanced blouse or shoulder power blazers for a chic look. It’s all about balance if your bottom half is going to be sexy and a tad revealing then cover up your upper half and vice versa.

The Bow Tie

Bow ties have since moved away from being a formal accessory for just the lads. Thanks to style trail blazers like Asa, the bow tie is now a unisex accessory. Stylish is the lady that can wear a bow tie and still appear feminine (trust me it’s a tricky job).




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