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Maryeejay interviews the very versatile half Nigerian, half Kenyan Aramide Atashili who runs her own Styling and Makeup company. In the last 3 years, Aramide has worked on numerous music videos that you would have seen and appreciated because of the overall visual as well as the great attention to detail in those videos.  Besides music videos, she has also covered events, magazine shoots, pictorials, TV shows and runway. She has worked with one of the most talented, innovative and challenging video maestro in the Nigerian Music Industry. Like many Nigerians, she has been able to successfully turn her hobby into a career/business, honing her brush and combination skills at the famous London College of Fashion as well as Mascara(a makeup school based in Ikoyi, Lagos).  She has special effects and fantasy makeup down to the finest detail of blood(some pictures are included in here – watch out). With just a few years under her belt, there is clearly a lot more to be seen from this lady as she evolves. 


Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Aramide Atashili, born and raised in Nairobi, I am the second child in a family of 3(excluding our parents), a University of Lagos alumni, trained at the London college of fashion and Mascara Makeup School, Ikoyi and a practising makeup artist/stylist. 

Ms Aramide Atashili, Creative Director of (a Makeup and Styling company)

How did it all start?
It all started when my cousin asked me to be a runner for Marcels of London at a jewellery exhibition, I thoroughly enjoyed working behind the scene. From then on, the flame kept burning and I decided to continue working creatively on anything beautiful, so the next year I decided to enrol in a college that I could train in.

What was the first job you had?
Do you mean first paying job? Lol. Well, I have done several jobs but my first paid makeup job was for an artiste called Akas (Booty roll), and my first paid styling job was Tha Suspect’s ‘’Dem Don Dey Move’’.

A picture from the set of Tha Suspect's Dem Don Dey Move ft illibliss (Styling and Makeup by Aramide). See the video below.


Styling and Makeup for the Tha Suspect’s I No Send You Video ft Sasha, Muna, Blaise, MoCheddah and Zee


What are your high and low points on the job?
 Let’s start with the bad, lol. People generally want soooo much for so little and that’s putting it mildly, and for the highs, I guess it’s when the job gets done and my job gets appreciated by the client, that makes me fully fulfilled for the day.

What comes first to you, makeup or styling?

How long have you been doing this for professionally?
For over 3 years now.

An earlier styling done with Mo Cheddah as the model
Styling for Ochuko and Christian

Aramide with her team worked on the Styling and Makeup for LKT’s Follow Follow ft P-Square.


Do you have a company of your own?
My company is called Style Maximize. 

Is this a career for you or more of a hobby you are living through?
It’s a hobby which has been turned into a career. 

How do you deal with difficult clients?
Well, it’s important to listen to your clients and understand what they want because everybody has their own personal style, and as a stylist, my job is to bring that out in the best possible way. So, I try as much as I can to find a middle ground.

You have been involved in some reality TV shows, what is the difference between them and working on music videos?
When working on a music video, things are very spontaneous, and you have to deal with them as they occur (everybody wants something – the artiste, artiste manager, the director, models etc.). Photo-shoots are more controlled, things tend to go almost as planned with less chance of a disaster because you are dealing with one model at a time. With reality shows, you spend more time on the project and if anything does go wrong, you have little or no time to rectify it, no cuts or second takes.

On the set of Silverbird's Page 3 as guest stylist ....The arrow in the picture points to Aramide.

Which do you prefer?
The truth is, I really don’t have a preference, a job is a job (wink wink) as long as there is money involved, lol. It’s an opportunity to express my creativity and meet with new faces as well as body types. 

Some pictures showing Aramide doing her thing on some notable faces in the music industry. (Clockwise: Timaya, Muna, Pasuma, Wired Mc)

Here are some pictures from Aramide’s collection showing varied Makeup styles.

A still from Davido ft Naeto C's Back When as directed by CAPital Dreams

The actual video: Davido ft Naeto C (Back When)


Who would you love to work with in the Nigerian entertainment industry and why?
Well, after working with Clarence Peters is there really anybody else when it comes to music videos?*cheeky smile* but seriously anyone who can be as innovative and challenging would be great to work with.  I’d also like to venture into movies and one director I’d like to work with is Kunle Afolayan because I liked what he did with the movie ‘’The Figurine’’.

What was it like working with Clarence Peters?
It was quite an experience working with Clarence Peters, I’d say he is a very creative and demanding director and is always thinking outside the box which helps in enhancing one’s creativity.

In the video below Bracket’s Remember(YoriYori) ft TuFace, Aramide works as the stylist and the makeup artist.


You also worked with 2face and Bracket on the set of YoriYori, how did that go?
I enjoyed that shoot, I guess it was one of my favourites ‘cos it was shot in Obudu cattle ranch, which was so serene and breath taking with an absolutely great weather. 2face is really great to work with because he is so easy going and as well as Bracket, they are my number one clients plus I got to conquer my fear of heights – that on its own was an experience (hehehehehe).

Working on the set of Yori Yori with 2face and Uche(The model)
Working with the music duo Bracket on the set of Muah Muah as directed by Clarence Peters

Below is the actual video of Bracket’s Muah Muah video.  

What would you say is the key to great styling?
Understanding your client’s needs and their body type.  Also as a stylist you need to be able to travel far and wide with your imagination and make it make sense in reality.

Clockwise (Styling for Lindsey, Rhoda, Joecelia and Modele

 Can you give us a quick makeup tip?
Hmmmmm, for those dull eyes, to wake them up, add a white eye liner to your water line and on your eyelash line with a coal pencil, then add liquid liner on your upper lash line and finish up with some mascara.

What is your favourite thing about your makeup art?
I really enjoy special effect makeup and fantasy, as you get to be a lot more experimental.

Special Effects makeup (Head wound)
Special Effects makeup by Aramide
Special Effects makeup (Eye wound)
Special Effects showing burnt skin
Special Effects showing bruised eye with a cut

What would you like to see being done differently in the entertainment industry?
A better structure and a fatter budget. Hahahahaha

How can your art influence the industry positively?
With better makeup and styling, Nigerian videos will compete favourably with international videos and maybe soon, win the Grammy everyone has been singing about. Thank you.*huge grin*

Makeup artist on the video of Waconzy’s I Celebrate as directed by Clarence Peters


Any future projects in the works?
I am working on a couple of projects and one in particular is very close to my heart. Just keep visiting this page on 360nobs and you’ll surely find out as they unfold.

The beautiful Aramide
    Aramide has worked on the following as a Stylist and a Makeup artist:

  • Jewelry exhibitions (U.K) as the floor stylist for Marcels of London (Jewelry designer) – 2008
  • Thisday fashion show, Nigeria (Assistant jewelry illustrator), Marcels of London & Adebayo Jones – 2007
  • Nigerian Fashion show, Jewelry exhibition for Jimmy Crystal (Floor stylist)
  • Performances and photo shoot outfits for Mo’Cheddah (Hennessey Artistry 2009) – Stylist
  • Photo shoots for magazine 2009 (Stylist/makeup & Hair)
  •  Silverbird television’s Page3 2009/2010 (Guest stylist)
  • Project fame contestant’s photo shoot (Stylist)
  • Bracket feat. Tuface Remember(Yori Yori) video shoot (Makeup and Styling)
  • Tha Suspect ft. ILLbliss (Dem Don Dey Move) video shoot (Styling and Makeup)
  • Mtv rep for Naija video shoot (Makeup)
  • Sprite triple slam winner’s video shoot(Makeup)
  • Akas Booty Roll video shoot (Makeup and Styling)
  • Sound sultan’s Orobo video shoot (Makeup)
  • Timaya’s Goodluck J’s video shoot (Costume and Makeup)
  • Femi ft. Eedriss’ Baby I Got It video shoot (Styling and Makeup)
  • OverDose’s videos – Drink in the glass, Me I get mouth and Ginjah Me Up.
  • Bracket’s Muah Muah video shoot (Styling/Makeup)
  • Bracket’s Me and U video shoot (Styling/Makeup)
  • Godwon ft. Saucekid and Ikechukwu’s Too much money video (Makeup/Styling)
  • David O ft. NaetoC’s Back When video shoot (Makeup/ Styling)
  • Tha Suspect’s (I no send u femcees version) video (Styling/Makeup)
  • Waconzy’s I Celebrate video (Makeup)
  • LKT ft P-square’s Follow Follow video (Styling/Makeup)
Love her work and love the interview contact her here 07063499779; 07057128698 BBpin:22AFF414
Interview by Maryeejay Alabi


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  1. Readn her interview,all I can do is smile!wukd wit aramide on so many projects….n she knws hw to mke d models feel @ ease n beautiful…she is one of the best dere is out dere….

  2. Impressive! Its amazing that in such a short time you have achieved so much. I’m really proud of you, and from what I know about you, this is just the beginning. (big hug)

  3. OMG,u really had me fooled with d facial injuries! i was like oh no wot happened 2 dis guy! lol…dis is some ill art,u r destined 4 greatness guaranteed!

  4. Awesome work. I have had the pleasure of working with Aramide and she is so talented at what she does. Also great positive energy whenever she’s working. Definitely one of Clarence’s best kept secrets. Sky’s the limit Ramsey.

  5. I’m so proud of you, sis. Your passion and attention to detail will take you further than you can ever imagine. You’re the best!

  6. Aramide I would like to say a few words I have seen your work and its outstanding u r very gifted and I love you so much keep up the good work and I keep praying for you and will always support you every way I can whatever it is our son will be so proud of you miss you. xxx

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