3 – 6 – zer0ing In on Mo’cheddah

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3 things we don’t know about you

  1. I love cooking
  2. I used to wear glasses
  3. I’m scared of the dark


Diva toh lenu’ you have made waves in the entertainment scenes at a young age. How did it all start? 

I was a young… 12year old with big dreams of becoming a superstar. I was lucky to meet and join Knighthouse and I never lOoked back, it took a lot of hard work and God’s grace to get to where I am right now and its something I don’t take for granted and I’m eternally grateful for everything. The major buzz started when I did the finest with Teeto and Sauce kid.

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Knighthouse-ft-Saucekid-Teeto-Mochedda-Da-Finest.mp3|titles=Knighthouse ft Saucekid, Teeto & Mochedda – Da Finest]

  Knighthouse ft Saucekid, Teeto & Mochedda - Da Finest (3.4 MiB, 921 hits)

Quite Often, artistes give their debut albums title same as their stage names, how did you come about ‘Franchise Celebrity’ ?

I completed an album when I was 16 and my favorite track off that album was titled ‘franchise celebrity’.. That particular song helped define my musiic style. Until then I was being groomed to be an all-round artiste… Singing, rapping, dancing, performing etc. On that particular track I experimented with switching styles and genres. So for the album i went with ‘Franchise Celebrity‘ which to me defines my style; complete freedom with no boundaries. To Knighthouse, the title represents our plan for the Mo’Cheddah brand.

Knowing it’s not exactly easy combining lectures with the shows and events, when was the first time you felt really proud of yourself?

The moment I saw the finally copy of my school project!!! I had never felt so fulfilled and proud of myself because I know how hard it was for me doing school and music, the fact that I completed my Bsc with no hiccups is just the best feeling ever.

Your line ‘Tan ba ri mi wan beri’ depicts respect. Talking of the entertainment industry, who are those you respect very much?

I respect people that go for their dreams without looking back!! the fearless , Record breakers go getters and trend setters, I get inspired by such people. I respect people that do their own thing and are proud of it. Artistes such as Mode9,tuface,  Trybesmen, Weird MC, Dbanj, Zaaki and a whole lot more did their thing and stuck with it till they made a mark on the Industry. I beri for them

As one of Nigeria’s hottest femcees and a brand ambassador to Soulmate, how have you been able to manage the fame?

Very well surprisingly. I have been able to stay grounded because of people I’m surrounded by, I do not take who I am for granted, I see it as a blessing and a change to make my mark on the world. It’s kinda like a mission

What next from Mocheddah?

Everything is new for me…I’m working on new songs and videos will be out soon!! Now I’m done with school there’s just soo much that will be done…

I’m working on becoming an even better artiste; I’m putting in 110 percent into every aspect, from recording to performing.

zeroing in

I can’t thank my fuujirians well enough for believing and standing by me, my record label knighthouse for staying true to our 1st true love, MUSIC.



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  1. Thatswassap! I appreciate when i see great stuffs like this. Plus, its not easy to juggle school & music. Mo’ is such a brainy. Download X&0 if u haven’t. KnightHouse baby!!

  2. Shes Phenominal Musicaly n realy cute *Ashewo Gesture* her attidude is to die for n ehhh pls slow down n daht sexie voice to murderous mami. Apreciate her manY styles n Cant get enough of Bestfriend n Nobi Money tracks Mo! Olenu Scatter! LeGoooo! LoL

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