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The entertainment world was buzzing when Kim Kardashian got married on the 20th of August to Kris Humphry in a lavish ceremony. Courtesy of www.eonline.com we have all the details.

Bruce Jenner walked her down the aisle. She carried a bouquet of white roses, which appeared to be the flower of the evening. The entire ceremony—and the ongoing reception—had a black and white theme, with the only stitch of color being the tiny pink box that Humphries’ best man, longtime pal Josh Ketroser, presented the rings in.

Khloé Kardashian Odom and Kourtney Kardashian were matron and maid of honor, while Kylie and Kendal Jenner and Kris’ sister, Kaela Humphries, served as bridesmaids. All wore ivory.

According to E!’s chief news correspondent—and wedding guest!—Ken Baker, the ceremony started at around 6:37 p.m., lasted approximately 30 minutes and was brimming with charming moments.

The program passed out to guests included tributes to Humphries’ late grandmother and grandfather, as well as to Kim’s late father, attorney Robert Kardashian.

“I so wish my dad could be here today to walk me down the aisle. But I know in a way he is here, and I feel his loving presence all around me. I love and miss you, dad,” read the passage prepared by Kim.

As Humphries took his place at the altar, he could be heard whispering to a buddy, “I’m nervous,” but he steeled himself with a few deep breaths and carried on.

Kourtney’s son Mason was the ring bearer, but as Kourtney started carrying him down the aisle (marked with the same intertwined “K” logo from the invitations) she stumbled slightly, prompting a collective gasp from the guests. All was fine, and Mason grabbed the symbolic pillow and hurried it down the aisle himself. After that, it was into daddy Scott Disick‘s arms for most of the ceremony.

Pictures of Kim Kardashian’s wedding aren’t out yet, and so in anticipation I have picked out five very different Vera Wang wedding dresses for you to decide on which is most likely similar to her bridal gown.


The modern bride look is the latest bridal dress trend to hit Hollywood. Brides like supermodel Lara Stone are no long opting for the classic princess-esque gowns, instead more and more brides are choosing a shorter less dramatic modern and uber version of a wedding dress.


Understated chic is the classic bridal gown with a modern twist, not too dramatic but yet still elegant and grand enough to make an effort.



More and more brides are walking down the isle in a coloured wedding gown. Reference can be made to Sarah Jessica Parker who walked down the isle in a black, yes a black wedding gown. While black may be too farfetched, do you think Kim Kardashian’s wedding gown would be something other than white?


SLEEK AND svelte



The ultimate princess dress! Long, pouffy and flowy on the lower half with a fitted and perfectly cut corset on the top half. This sort of wedding dress would make any bride look like she’s living a fairytale.



These VERA WANG bridal gowns are so divine, but which do you think KIM KARDASHIAN is most likely to wear?



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  1. None o..I don’t like 1-3..and 4 a bit and 5
    These look far too simple for kim though I really am not one to say she has a particular style that sticks in my memory..
    I do suspect however that it would be a more traditional bodice with lace somewhere in the do..and a princess style less of ballgown one.

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