Toms VS Tods

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“With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need (one for one)”

It was this clause that caught my attention. Whether I liked them or not, I wondered what was so great about the shoes anyway? Why the fuss?

What most people don’t know though is Blake Mycoskie started TOMS after he competed at #The Amazing Race. He thought up the “One for One” and that seemed to be the best idea cause people started ordering from far and wide

These shoes are not only comfortable, but durable and can be worn for hours on end. And since they are made from cloth, they can easily be washed and taken care of.

But there’s a new sherrif in town and they go by the name TODS.

These hand made in italian shoes are slowly but steadily pushing TOMS off the racks this summer, they are classy and stylish. Although there’s no story behind their origin, guys don’t seem to need a reason to purchase these loafers

Discover the unique and inimitable world of TODS craftmanship. They are made from the finest italian materials and are durable. The soles, though soft, are firm and long lasting.

As CEO of a luxury italian brand from humble cobbler beginnings, Diego Della Valle is taking his company TODS more global and more glam while staying close to home.

There is no one best shoe remember! The best shoe for you is the the one that gives you the proper support, flexibility, and cushioning. Toms n Tods offers you that and many more.

So outta curiousity, and this is for the guys. If you really had to choose, will you b a TOMS or TODS guy?



***Gbemi Afolabi***

“With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need (one for one)”



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  1. Oga are you having a laugh?Tods have been around for a good while now,
    Just confess and say that your eye just open to tods.

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