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I would like to start this article by saying this; “Never has a ten year old model been more controversial in the fashion world”. You still don’t get it? Take 5 minutes and really look at the pictures below. Do you see a little ten year old child or a girl who has been forced to grow up too soon? Whatever conclusion you come to this is how I see it; this ten year old model is a force to be reckoned with. A phenomenon in every sense of the word, as she has pushed the boundaries of child modeling to the extreme by showing to us that kids CAN be serious professional models.

That goes without saying, I have reservations about some of fashion campaigns her parents have let her feature in. For example, the topless pictures in which she is wearing just beads is one I find very inappropriate. Does this however make me blind to her outstanding talent? NO. You cannot help but be in awe of how professionally inclined she is to her modeling career.


This ten year old has caused such a stir in the fashion world, with critics claiming she is being exploited by her professional camp and parents. I beg to differ, if you have a child that is THIS talented, a child who by some miraculous way knows exactly how the fashion photographer’s light should set on her cheekbone and how to deliver expressions that people twice her age still do not understand, I say take it and run with it. I cannot wait to see her continuous work in the next decade. You either have it or you don’t. And this little girl certainly has it.



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  1. Huh? Anyway its not Nigeria. Waitn til she trnd 13 or fifteen wldnt hav killd her parents. I’m appalled abeg! She jst stopped wearin diapers? What were thy finkn? Hav thy frgtn tht 6 girl tht ws raped and murderd aftr bein in a beauty pageant! Ok, carry on

  2. err, there’s supposed to be a part where you are to put her name in the article right? or am i the only on reading this? TF?

  3. 0h, @ gbemi stop this nigerian way of thinking and look beyond. This girl is wonderful and she’s going places. I like to see more of her.

  4. Everything about it looks odd
    The aura is bad.
    I don’t like it.some flowers in the artic and if there be thorns kind of things..

  5. my only problem is that i don’t understand her target audience, is she modelling for kids or adult clothing coz there’s nothing childish or youthful about those pics.

  6. Ok dis is outrytly disgustin.She’s bn exposed 2 young 2 a life she cnt handle.Am nt sure her parents knw d horror of d modellin world.Smh

  7. Permit me to say but this is what has pedophiles thinking its not their fault abeg a child has no biz being this “mature looking” enuf said

  8. So bcos she’s white and it is modeling, it is not child abuse abi? Nonsense hypocrites.very soon at 13yrs of age, she will date a 14yrs old celeb. Nonsense.

  9. Did u guys ever ask whether she wanted to do it??? All u can say is she’s being exploited! Instead of forcing her to do something she doesn’t like, like being a doctor and all that other shit that most parents make their kids do, they’re letting her do what she’s good at! And she’s really good at it! Diva divanna is 6 years old, and her runway walk is better than most models out there! Let the girl do it now! She can decide to be surgeon or an actress when she’s older and realises that she doesn’t like modeling anymlre. Stop being so negative! It’s PURE TALENT!

  10. Who makes the rules for the “acceptable” age to model at Top Level? Not all kids are the same. If she’s not exposed to nudity and other bizzare aspects of modelling until she’s mature enough to make her decisions then she’ll be fine. If it’s by the pictures I’m seeing here, I don’t see any problem. She just may be living the dream that many other aspiring models may never get to live their entire lives and she’s doing it early. Like Movies (Dakota Fanning) and Music (Willow Smith), I think she’s just representing the Fashion front. Not a big deal if u ask me. And if she gets physically abused or assulted, it’s not her fault but of the “criminal”. 🙂

  11. @lifestylesection didn’t yu read d part in dis article dt said she did go topless, with just beads on, if dtz not nudity I wonder wat is! Pls wat happened to being a child, didn’t we see wt dis so called early start did to Lindsy Lohan, M.j and d rest! Ha parents shld b flogged for this!

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