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There’s denim, there’s premium denim, and now there’s luxury denim.  You’d think we haven’t had enough of the designer denims already but apparently this is different and comes with a very high price tag too.  Mr Lauren decided to release a ‘luxury brand’ in order to add extra style and glamour to everyday outfits.

The designer apparently saw a niche for women who want to go upscale with their denims, so he developed  a line of luxury fashion-forward denim pieces that have a “young-spirited glamour”.

Lauren went on to say he wouldn’t do iconic denim pieces like a denim shirt, because its all about sophisticated dressing.“This is really a new statement within our collection. It is collection denim for the collection customer. It’s not just a few pairs of that we put into our collection. This is a whole concept unto itself.”

The styles you should see are denim tuxedo, trench coat, super-skinny jeans, jeggings in varied rinses with different effects – dark black, indigo, and distressed rinses, leather-effect,  hand-coating treatments, and cargo-pocket details.

The designer further stated: “They can buy one or two pieces from a designer brand, but really, there is not a brand that has the fit, the details, the stretch, the vision and the point of view. It’s a fabric that doesn’t die. It’s already part of a woman’s life. This gives it a stylishness and a diversity that makes it very interesting.”

In as much as the idea sounds intriguing and innovative, those who are interested in purchasing one of the pieces from this line might have to consider making some substantial savings to buy the collector’s denim.  The price ranges between $300 to $2,000 – to bring it nearer home that’s about NGN46,102.38 to NGN307,349.20 – depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase or aspiration.

So, for lovers of all high luxury denim, get ready to shop for this collection, it’s truly going to be a fashion collector’s piece to keep.  If you want to add a touch of sophistication and refinement to denim outfits, take a closer look at the styles endorsed by the brand.

To that end, the collection should hit the stores this month, and will be sold exclusively at Ralph Lauren boutiques and online stores for those of us who love to shop online. (Researched as at the time of publishing this post and still no sign of the Denims on the online Ralph Lauren store – could the idea have fizzled out due to no waiting list?) 




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