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50 Limited Edition Ankara Shorts for Men + 80 Piece Capsule Collection by Ozzy for Grey

Since moving to Ikoyi in September 2010, GREY has successfully progressed into the ready to wear, off the rack, high street fashion label that is its long-term plan. The idea of budding young designers creating capsule collections for GREY has always been important for GREY. Firstly, to create the variety and diversity that the brand always needs and secondly, to encourage young designers to try their hand at both designing and producing.

When Ozzy hinted once or twice about wanting to design but not starting her label yet, we realized it was possibly the perfect opportunity to start this part of GREY and we can happily say it has been successful. As well as boosting ozzy’s profile, we think it will definitely boost the diversity of the GREY brand. It brings a different edge because ozzy understands the ethos of the versatile and easy to wear ethos of GREY but has still managed to add her personal aesthetic touch to the clothes. If we can have one designer a year who designs a capsule collection for GREY the way Ozzy has done, it’s a win-win situation.



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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these pieces. Reasons:
    1. very creative
    2. they are fun
    3. easy to wear
    4. colorful

    Good one Ozzy.

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