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Lucky is the girl who can pull off three separate summer trends in one outfit, the denim sleeveless shirt, a midi maxi skirt (black for a goth glam look) and color blocking heels. She pulls it off effortlessly, no fuss here whatsoever.


STATEMENT PIECE: Colour blocking wedge heels.

My statement piece for this outfit is definitely the colour blocking wedge heels. They make a statement with any outfit. And did I mention wedges are comfortable? Yep!



Clockwise from left to right

Topshop- 65 pounds

Mr Shoes- 39.99 pounds

Kurt Geiger- 130 pounds

Own the runway- 34.99 pounds

Parmars- 35 pounds

Red London- 35 pounds

Kurt Geiger- 220 pounds

Chockers- 27 pounds

Schuh- 100 pounds

Credits: www.theshoeblogger



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  1. Hmmm,
    This is a very very tricky thing..
    One slip and it goes tacky..
    Can get a pass though but I wouldn’t wear this ever..
    Don’t know where to even start talking so make I just shsuh.

  2. Samsie, I agree with u. Not feeling this at all. The shirt is hideous, the belt is blehhhhh. The skirt, I can’t even start. The shoes, clutch, jewelry is all over the place. I like her makeup though

  3. i love the look. u pulled it of. However wot u have on is simply a midi skirt not a mid-maxi or midi-maxi. i wud have emailed you directly but i cant find ur email on here so…

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