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I was watching TV a few days ago and was happy to see that players and owners had come to a mutual understanding, and NFL lovers are going to have a great football season this year.

And then it hit me, imagine a world without the NFL, or worst still…a world without sports. The following weird thoughts came to my mind, so enjoy:

  • Tupac will definitely still be alive as there would never have been a fight between Iron Mike Tyson and Bruce Sheldon. The now infamous brawl in the Lobby of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas which led to Tupac’s death wouldn’t have occurred. RIP Tupac.
  • A world without the NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Our generation was blessed to have seen phenomenal and unbelievable Slam dunks in our lifetime. Of particular importance are three individuals: Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins and Vince Carter. Michael and Dominique dominated the 80s, but Vince Carter revolutionalized the Slam Dunk in the modern era. Please check out the following videos on YouTube:

Michael Jordan Best Slam Dunk Contest ever vs. (Dominique Wilkins):


Keenly contested 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest part 1 to 5

Vince Carter 2000 Slam Dunk Contest

  • No English Premiership Games: Now, the thought of this alone…scares me. I know half the number of wives, sisters, girlfriends all over the world would like this; but fellas imagine not having the excitement and glamour that comes week in, week out. Arsene Wenger’s tantrums, Sir Alex mind games, the Battle at the bottom of the table etc. What a Nightmarish bore that would be!!!
  • No Sports Violence: From the hooliganism experienced in England in the 80s to the recent riots in Vancouver by crazy Canucks fans. Violence has always been associated with sports. This violence has been extended to the social sites, where fans of rival teams go against each other on facebook, twitter etc.
  • We would never have had epics such as The Gladiator, Spartacus…because believe it or not what happened in those arenas was simply sports at its best.
  • Some of us loved sports but never had the energy/strength/talent to play sports, so we resolved to video games. There would be no video games such as Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA 2011, NBA 2011, MADDEN 2011 etc.
  • Young men out there including me won’t have been blessed to see beauties such as Anna Kournikova, Serena Williams, Ana Ivanovic, Lindsey Vonn and of course Gail Devers (oops, I got carried away right there).

I can go on and on, but for me a world without sports would mean; I make service on Sundays because there won’t be F1 races, I probably would have my girlfriend’s picture as my phone’s screen saver as there would never have been a Manutd logo.  I would make better presentations at work on Monday mornings ‘cos I wouldn’t have to wake up at 3am to watch American football and my generator/inverters would probably have a longer life span.

What would you do, if you lived in a world without sports?

PS: please check out that Vince Carter 2000 slam dunk contest on YouTube one more time…you won’t regret it.

Dami Dupri

Dami Dupri

I eat, sleep and drink sports. You can catch me dissecting all kinds of sports at a sports bar or pub near you. Did I mention I am a part owner of Manchester United F.C.(I wish !!!)


  1. Kai, world without football. I would totally love it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me being ma man’s screensaver, or him attending service with me and finally making good presentations so i don’t have to be d only one getting promoted, puleeeeeeezl. Like seriously. LWKMD (are u in anyway regretting all the details u put in,lol)

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