Good Morning God

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Good Morning God;

How are you doing today? i realize your awesome power, but i ask how you are doing because i am concerned; knowing that the Weight of the world rests on your Shoulders. I hope your in good Health, sir? i Love you,i Set your Name on High; King of kings and Lord of Lords,Creator of Heaven and Earth. The Heavens is your Throne and the EARTH is your Footstool. Who is Like unto Thee? I write to you with Tears in my eyes and Pain in my heart.

Precious Lord

I want to Report The Angel of Death to you today. Apparently HE has forgotten his Priorities and Job Description. In the Last 1 year he has Struck down so many Nigerian youths.. we wonder, Who Will bury Our Parents?? i was doing my Laundry yesterday and found over 6 RIP T-shirts (no jokes). This Letter comes from my Heart,and every Nigerian Youth who must have Lost a friend and Loved one.

I daresay the Carnage started when we Lost @Dagrinfimile to a Ghastly car-Crash, then my friend Yvonne died at childbirth (the baby survived thank God, a boy!) and the avalanche of bad News BEGAN, ever since then its been one thing after the other… Car accidents, Sickness and disease, Medical Incompetence and misdiagnosis, stray bullet, disappearances and kidnappings and only recently a beautiful young girl with her Life ahead of her committed suicide….. i daresay, its enough to sprinkle Ashes on our heads, wear sack cloth and sit at the city Gates… like the times of old!

In a nation like Nigeria; where the youths are not taken into Account and Mischivious Men in Power rob us blind and tell Lies in high Places. We have been Forced to Create a Music, Movie (Nollywood) and fashion Industry from Scratch, still with NO HELP. All because we dont want to Steal, kill or swindle.

Please sir; Call “DEATH” to Order. We the Nigerian youths say enough is enough. Just when we started Reaping the fruits of our Labour we are being cut down in our Prime in alarming numbers. In the Last Few months, i seem to be hearing News of young deaths almost every fort-nite. Its one funeralo and wake keeping ceremony after another. Please Lord, i know you are Very Very busy and im not one to bother you Frequently (*covering face smiley*).But i am scared and so are the Rest of My Generation, We do not Know who will be Next, we need a reason to Work Harder and if we at least know that we will Grow old and Happy; its enough of an assurance to Keep striving for higher goals.

BUT….i Must confess! We the youth of Nigeria have not heeded the counsel of our Elders, we have departed from your statutes and; Wined and dined with the Phillistines! for this we Say, we are very Sorry, we Request for your Mercy and your covering of Grace over our Lives. Have Pity on Us, forgive us all of our sins and Unrighteousness! We Plead!

Thank you and God bless You!

“Concerned Nigerian youth”

All this we Ask in your great and mighty name..and the People of the Lord said…





  1. Dats S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ awfully true..lyk those selling coffins are †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ ones making †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ most of moni….m

  2. Dats awfully true…those selling coffins nd arranging funeral services are †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ ones making †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ most of money

  3. really N6 dis article touchd me.dis death thingy is bcomin uncontrollable.LORD pls harken 2 our voices.all these we pray thru JESUS CHRIST our LORD AAAAMMMEEENNN!,!!(pls 6 accept ma frnd request on facebook.joycelyn jeromes)tanx

  4. AMEN!!
    nd 4 does of us still alive may GOD in his infinite mercy kip us till oldage. (n6 ff me bk on twitter nw!). Nyc article

  5. Each and everyday we wake up we should drop to our knees and thank God for the gift of life, because these are serious times we live in. Nice write up still dude.

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