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My inappropriate humour aside, am I the only one that is beginning to notice how the French fashion industry has complete disregard for age appropriateness and fashion ads?

Last week I featured the 10 year old French model who caused a stir internationally, with critics slating her management and her parents for letting her shoot somewhat inappropriate fashion ads that were years beyond her age. While we may be quick to point fingers at parents or child model managers, we haven’t considered the entire entity of the French culture to figure out why they keep using children for inappropriate fashion shoots.

The brand responsible for this ad is “Jours Apres Lounes”, a brand that prides itself being the first fashion retailers to make lingerie for children aged 3 months- 10 years old. If you really study the pictures, the piece REALLY do look like lingerie as opposed to basic underwear.

My question is this; What exactly do children of this age group know about lingerie? Nothing. And it should remain that way. I find some of the pictures disturbing and unnecessarily provoking in every sense of the word. While I can appreciate a properly executed fashion shoot, the child models give me knot in my stomach.


So caught up are the French in the beautiful concept that is fashion, that they have in some ways chosen to disregard obvious boundaries that should never be crossed. I will excuse the idea of lingerie for little girls, even though I find the initiative very how do I say this nicely?…stupid. But little girls posing in lingerie? One word- Atrocious.



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  1. i would say for the English, it is inappropriate but for the French, well, u know the rest.
    check this:

    “The term in the French language applies to all undergarments for either gender.”
    “In English it is applied specifically to those undergarments designed to be visually appealing or erotic.”

    – Wikipedia

    You see why?

  2. Did í just hear u say the beach,but í think it stays there,the kids are really being exploited with dis kinda exposure @ this stage…its a sick idea.

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