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Welcome to our very first feature of FASHIION FROCK OFF. This feature allows YOU to decide who wore a particular trend better.

This week’s Fashion Frock Off trend is on colour blocking dresses and we featured media darling; Oreka of beat 99 and Yvonne Vixen Ekwere. Who do you think wore the already colour blocked dress better?



Dress– Metallic blue and green.

Shoes– Patent burgundy heels.

Jewellery– Minimalistic Chic.

Hair and Make-up– Sleek up-do and barely there neutral tone make up.

Oreka opts for minimalistic chic by keeping her jewllery, hair and make-up as simple as possible. This is one of the chicest ways to wear an already colour blocked dress. This method is fool proof and you are guaranteed a very polished look.



Dress– Orange, purple and metallic green.

Jewellery– Orange chandelier earrings.

Hair and Make-up– Smokey eyes and nude lips. French braided hair done neatly across her scalp.

Shoes– Peep toe heels.

Yvonne takes it up a notch and is more adventurous by styling her colour blocked dress with statement chandelier earrings and smokey eyes for a more risqué look. If you’re in a style rut and looking for a way to break a fashion rule, take note from Yvonne. Wear two statement pieces in one ensemble just like she’s doing. It works wonders.

Both ladies have their individual style, but whom do you think can pull off a colour blocking dress better? POST YOUR COMMENTS FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FABULOUS COLOUR BLOCKING DRESS FROM SUPER CHIC AND URBAN FASHION LABEL “GREY”.




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  1. Both ladies look fabulous but i am gonna go with Yvonne’s dress.

    This is because it is the whole idea of the trend. Color Blocking is all about being daring and being able to pull off colors that, given a good day, without the trend, wouldn’t have been possible.

    Her dress is the whole idea.

    Would have preferred she rocked that dress with black/coffee color pumps.

  2. Both ladies dress good but I give iτ̲̅ τ̲̅ȍ yvonne vxien ekwere because her colour combination okay.her hair match her shoe,earing makes her dress and the colour combination was Ɯ†̥ђ ɑ̤̥̈̊ simple make up.S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ she dress beter

  3. Oreka looks fab but I think Yvonne colour blocked better, the dress already gave her a bold appearance and so the choice of a black peep-toe heels was just perfect.

  4. I think Oreka pulled it off! Love the colors on her and I love dat she a dull buh still interesting shoes. Little accessories… Yvonne on d oda hand, I wish she didn’t wear those earrings and I don’t lyk her choice of shoes.. D Dress is fab buh I don’t fink she pulled it off!

  5. I think Oreka pulled it off! Love the colors on her and I love dat she chose a dull buh still interesting shoes, Little accessories, on point! … Yvonne on d oda hand, I wish she didn’t wear those earrings and I don’t lyk her choice of shoes.. D Dress is fab buh I don’t fink she pulled it off!

  6. They both look fab! But I love Oreka’s simplicity. Not so easy to pull off such a look and still look redcarpet-worthy!

  7. Oreka wins…she looks neat,the lines of her dress are clean.her hair is safely out of the way and is not competing with the dress and she was bold to add the red shoes to the entire ensemble..I prefer her look which also comes off as very classy and confident..effortless glam..
    Vixen Yvonne on the other hand could have done a neater plait and the shoe—black 😮 just spoilt the entire doesn’t qualify as colour blocking for me..I don’t know what to say about the earings..its not just working somehow..

  8. Well, I guess Yvonne wore it better although both ladies look fabulous, yvonne took it up a notch by daring with the extra orange earrings and she balanced it out with the black shoes.

  9. I’m a lover of Vixen’s sense of style any day, any time. But seeing these two ladies rock d colour blocking trend, i’m sorry to say, Oreka nailed it really bad.

    Vixen: I love d simplicity of d dress but in my opinion, too much colours didnt help compliment her skin colour. From her face down to d dress’ neckline just spelt ‘orange’. D earrings didnt help there either. Then d black shoes, a No-No. In all, she was ok, just that d wrong mix of colours took away d overall look, also adding years to her.

    Oreka: Her dress is simple too. The colour combination was superb as it complimented her skin colour well, giving her a sharp look. Her hair -do brought her face out well. Since d trend is all about wearing loud n proud colour combinations to create a dynamic, confident look, Oreka pulled this trend off better. Topping it off with a strong pose and a youthful smile, that nailed it BIG for me!

  10. Abeg!abeg!!abeg!!! Oreka photography prbly usd sum hybrid camera n dts wats fooling u guys…..yvonne def aced it mahn….buh wrong pair of shoes4me…..NO!NO!!
    P.s: so na pisssshur deceive u guyz *smh*

  11. I must add that the red shoes almost look nude on oreka..which is a plus plus..I think we shud investigate red or some tad a shade lighter as our nude n not tow the nude/beige which is nude for white skin and not ours….she wins

  12. In my opinion both ladies look nice but i would give it to yvvone simply because she took it a notch higher, the dress is already colour blocked Oreka played it too safe for me. however with Yvvone’s outfit i would lose the chandeliar earrings and do stud and the shoes dont work for me, would probably do a pump in a block colour but a different shade of any of the colours she already has on..

  13. I kinda prefer Yvonne’s make-up, maybe cos I’m
    totally crazy about the smoky eye. But overall Oreka’s look did for me; just simple and chic, and not over-the-top. I like!

  14. They both rocked it better but as far as. Colour blocking is concerned ?! Am more attracted to Oreka’s. . . God bless GRey

  15. I prefer Oreka’s look even though I don’t like the color she chose for the shoes. Yvonne messed that look up with her shoes (it looks UGLY) & the earring. It doesn’t look effortless at all. Like she’s doing too much.

  16. I”ll give it to Oreka. Its not a hands down tho… But for Yvonne’s orange earrings she would’ve won. i so wished she went for a different colour for her earrings cos frankly speaking the colours of the dress go so well with her skin tone and her hair is fab. but those earrings are just unforgivable.. sorry.

  17. Yvonne’s dress is tres fab! But she went wrong with her earrings n shoes. I love love love that Oreka kept it simple, it shows she’s got alot of confidence. So overall, i prefer Oreka’s looks.

  18. I am gonna add that Oreka played it too safe for me. On a second thought, the dress can always be worn without the trend being in vogue. It’s quite very regular to me.

    Asaaju Oluwaseun

  19. vixen is more adventurous with her look and she rocked it soo well l!!!! Oreka dress is too safe for a colour block.
    pls where can i get VIXEN’s dress? i love it

  20. Yvonne won it. I even love the deep purple velvet peeptoes offsetting the sherbet tones on her dress and the hair… yes the hair… quite unusual. Ores shoes… dunno

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