Exclusive 360Interview With MsChief + New Singles – Bad & Omo Ele

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First off, we at 360nobs say a huge Happy Birthday to Ace femcee – MsChief, and yours truly had a chance to meet up with her on this particular day for an exclusive one on one chat with the artiste. Asides the interview, we also have the chance to bring to you two hawt new singles – Omo Ele and Bad from her.

You do remember back in april , we brought you the 360fresh on then 21-year old rapper with her break-out single Wanting featuring singer/producer Ex-O off her upcoming debut album! This is hawt stuff, read the interview below and also check out the new singles . Enjoy peoples!


MsChief – Wanting Ft. Ex-O


QD : Okay, so our hawt new femcee – MsChief turns a year older today. How does that feel?

MsChief: 😀 feels extremely great, except for the fact that I feel old! Lol

QD: And is that strange?

MsChief : Lol, nah! Just knowin’ I have to be more responsible for my actions

QD: That’s true. With great “age” comes great responsibilities as they say!

QD: So we know Mschief is/was a final year student of unilag accounting, besides that, tell us. A little bit more of your musical background?

MsChief : Started immediately after secondary school! I remember I walked in to OJB’s studio and I told him I could rap, and he told me to. He was very impressed and told me I can always pop in. Thats how it all started,since then I have been recordin and doin school gigs. I remember soundsultan gave me my 1st rap name “O.P” meanin ON POINT

QD: On point….nice name , how did that metamorphose into MsChief

MsChief : Lmao!

QD: It did, didn’t it?

MsChief: Rappers have a thing of attackin’ themselves,so I thought “O.P” could be used against me by changin’ “On Point” to “Off point”. lol. So I decided 2 use Mischief then later changed it to MsChief meanin bawslady

QD: Cool Stuff.

MsChief: Yeah

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Bad-Tagged.mp3|titles=Bad Tagged]

MsChief – Bad

QD: But then I gotta ask what is your creative process for creating a track?

MsChief: Omo, na God o! Lol! I love music so it just comes naturally!

QD: Haha! So there’s no process of stripping naked in room and locking yourself in, or probably having to take organic stimulants like some people we know.

MsChief: Lol, no rituals just me and ma God

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Omo-Ele-Tagged.mp3|titles=Omo Ele Tagged]

MsChief – Omo Ele

QD: Most rappers these days are swinging to the commercial side, What’s more important to you considering all these, melody or lyrics?

MsChief: Both of course. U have to know hot to balance both, to make good music. Make sure your lyrics are good and well written, get a nice melody to it, and would have yourself a HIT

QD: What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

MsChief: Me working with the late da grin, not many people had the chance to

QD: Is there anything else you’d like to let our readers know about?

MsChief: Yeah! Its simple! Ms.Chief is d next big thing

MsChief: Watch out

QD: Nicely said

MsChief: Yeah 😀

QD: If you could use a tagline to describe your music and who you are what would it be?

MsChief: Lol, this question hard o! UNIQUE!

QD: Na so nah….

MSChief: 😀

QD: It should be pretty easy seeing as you are the rapper with wordplay and punchlines

MsChief: Music is way beyond punchlines and even your talent, there;s a business side to it,and you gotta pray to God too! With all tha it should be easy

QD: What do you do to relax?

MsChief: Hang out with frieds,chill in do studio with ma beatboxx crew basically!

QD: Looks like you’ve got music truly in you….

MsChief: Lol, yes o! It is 70% me!

QD: And the remaining 30%???…..dedicated to an individual 😉

MsChief: Lmao! The me I share with me ma family and frnds

QD: Really?….so there’s no “one special friend” ….

MsChief:  😀 not yet! God would provide!

QD: Its aight then…..nice chatting wit you….keep the fire burning. Any parting words for the fans?

MsChief: Yeah, I love y’all  and would keep giving ma best!



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