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Walking into one of the most highly anticipated label launch I felt butterflies in my tummy, I really felt like I was about to experience sheer and unrefined young talent that was much needed in the Nigerian fashion industry and I was not the least bit disappointed.

After a couple of minutes greeting people and engaging in the usual banter and umm… tongue in cheek conversations, I was led backstage and was immediately confronted by the buzz and how do I say this?.. beautiful fashion chaos that usually goes on behind the scenes.

I was still taking in the scenery when I was immediately cut off by Deola Sagoe’s voice, asking me to immediately drop my purse and style some models. Safe to say I found myself zipping up models and simultaneously balancing my camera in the other hand so I could steal in pictures for you guys.


Backstage, the collection featured a ton of brightly coloured chiffon long sleeve pussy bow blouses, colour blocked shorts and aso oke turbans.

Most of the pussy bow blouses were made with exquisite chiffon fabric while the shorts varied from Ankara cotton fabric to multi-coloured or metallic blue coloured fabrics.

The catwalk show featured candy coloured chiffon blouses, Ankara shorts, aso oke turbans, colour blocked retro dresses and polka dot flared dresses.

The pieces in the debut CLAN collection are so different yet you can identify significant unionism and the theme behind the collection.

This collection to me represents a new culture. A culture that comprises of the modern, fashion enthusiast who is free spirited but still very much in the know of fashion trends, this new culture stands for all things vibrant, chic and effortless.



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  1. Deola o,Is this what your daughters came up with?
    Is awiite..I have no comments here either..waste of nice shoes by the way.I can have the blouses in every colour so one point.

  2. the pieces are so fun, young and fresh. love, love, love the chiffon. Samsie, u took it out of me. i can have the blouses in every color. Lucy is right, it’s really the emergence of a new culture.

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