Coco’s Chronicles: Things I’ve Learnt

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Things mama taught me

  1. Don’t follow boys! 
  2. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
  3. If you don’t learn from home, you’ll be shamefully taught from outside
  4. An African man would always be an African man, no matter how westernised he is
  5. Be an independent woman and men would respect you
  6. Your marriage would be intact if you remember no4 everyday you wake up.
  7. Your pride is the best thing you can ever have! Keep it

Things family has taught me

  1. Family is like duvet(the original one that is) they always keep you warm no matter the cold
  2. When everyone leaves, family chills
  3. Family loves you with all your mistakes and they take all the shit you throw at them
  4. Family never laughs at you no matter how funny that bad situation you are in is
  5. Family is always family

Things friends have taught me 

  1. If you like follow the wrong boys, tissue would always be available. More available than the shoulder
  2. Whatever it is, we got your back. Don’t go and fight sha and expect us to come fight for you!
  3. Always buy your own things! Our friendship doesn’t share clothes, pants and bras and other funny things some friends share(I love this one! Reduces fights)
  4. Laughing is very important; so they always make that happen

What men have taught me

  1. Love with your heart not your head, part of your heart is the best
  2. Your heart is important, your vagina is more important
  3. Heartbreaks can be worse than being hit by a trailer
  4. You’d better watch your back else you’ll jonz
  5. Girls may run the world, but boys practically run the girls
  6. With a man you just have to sleep with one eye open, in fact don’t sleep at all

What life has taught me

  1. If you fail, you just have to dust yourself and try again
  2. Not everything is rosy
  3. Not all that glitters is gold
  4. You can only live it(life) once, so live it well
  5. You can make it, all you need is determination
  6. Life is a school you never graduate from.

What PHCN/NEPA has taught me

  1. Do not always raise your hopes when you see light
  2. Anything can happen at any time
  3. Trust isn’t an issue where they are concerned
  4. You must possess a generator! Whether you like it or not

 All of these have helped shape me to become who I am and is still shaping me.

NB: I met Nobs and he isn’t bald! Where did that bald gist spring from?



I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. totally love the family part, family is family at all times and situations…..PHCN, *sigh* they are on a personal vendetta path against me i swear.

  2. Taaaa! My friend sharap like you don’t use to steal my kpata back then :p lol nice article sha sha…so I did not teach you anything abi? Blockus oshi *rme*

  3. 9ice 1…well, u once taught me one lesson thru DASA Press interview for personality of d week back then in schl “neva regret what u had enjoyed” u gave me dat and i think i liked it!

  4. @sam’iel: except you have a stand by generator with enough fuel
    @jhymy: lol. Aren’t they against everyone?
    @crankysmurf: hehehe like you wore any :p
    @prince: thanks
    @timimatic: thanks. 😉
    @chychy: thanks. Mwah!!!
    @sherif: I can remember that. We learn everyday don’t we? As long as we are still breathing.
    @Miss Natural: thanks

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