Coco’s Chronicles: Sisterhood Sheds

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Good news and bad news!

Since it’s traditional to serve the bad news first, I’ll just go straight to it… hold ur breaths… hmm… release the air gently… ok… yeah… ok! here it is, Ella is leaving the sisterhood!

And here’s the good news coming almost immediately after; she’s leaving the sisterhood to tie the knots! Yeah, she said YES to one good natured, sweet, wonderful man!

Oya, straight to the gist from the wedding. We the friends of the iyawo had our hands full at the wedding. Omo, we were super duper crazy busy. But that’s besides the point, Coco isn’t here to bore you with the details. I’ll just jump into the juicy part of the wedding gist.

Ella’s groom apparently has drop dead gorgeous males as friends. The one who got the girls swooning and drooling is Emeka. Ha! The boy is tall, dark, has a beautiful, yummy body and makes Tuface look unattractive. Christ, my knees went weak when I sighted this beautiful animal in church. But I told myself, the boy is for me and prayed that none of the girls would be interested in him. Enitan was very much interested in Emeka too and she came to me and went on and on about how good he looked. Reanne and Giselle came over and talked about how good Emeka would look with them.

We all started acting like little girls, giggling and discussing one man like he was the only male alive at that point. We wanted to know which of us was going to catch his fancy and be his object of interest.

Well, Emeka seemed not to notice any of us and very soon we got distracted by other things. Then some minutes later, someone tapped me. I turned around and a little girl said in her sweet tiny voice “that uncle said, I should tell you that you look beautiful“. I looked up to see what uncle was admiring me and Emeka flashed a smile at me.

Huh? What what what? Emi Coco? He singled me out from all the girls at the wedding? I could have danced windeck on the spot, but I smiled and looked away. I had to act like a proper lady even though the whole of me wasn’t acting proper towards this man. He moved closer and whispered “you needed to hear me say it? Well you really look beautiful“. It wasn’t the flattery that got me, but the fact that my fantasy had actually turned reality! We talked for a few minutes and for the love of me, I couldn’t understand why the girls weren’t close enough to see us. I would have liked to see the jealous looks on their faces, while our fantasies became my reality.

Well, none of the girls appeared till Emeka left.

Later that night, while we were all undressing and getting ready to sleep, Reanne and Enitan broke into a fight. Giselle and I were too tired to settle the fight and so we laid on the bed. Giselle then smiled and without warning, said “Emeka asked me out on a date!

If she had given me two slaps across the face, it wouldn’t have gotten the effect that statement had on me. I sat up and the first thing that came to me was “oin?” Now that isn’t something I usually say when I’m serious. Its more of a remark I use for unserious things, tweets or when I’m being silly. But it came out that instant. I closed my mouth and it was at that point I noticed Reanne and Enitan were both laughing.

He asked me to go on a date with him too!Reanne said.

This man must think he’s some Colin Farell o!Enitan said. We all learnt one after the other that he’d asked us all out separately.

We all went to bed feeling sorry for how bad some men have become. Just for…make I no talk am!

We’ll miss Ella in the sisterhood, but there’s a new girl after my very own single heart already…#no homo abeg. You guys woould love her I promise 🙂



I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. Nooooooooo!!!!! But I’m happy for her tho. Me I can’t wait to meet this new gal & I hope u guys showed that player wannabe.

  2. lwkmd….niiice tori ooo…dat guy’s a bad bhoi o! Ahn ahn!!! All of u? He prolly told u dat u lukd beautiful,told enitan she’s an angel and so on and forth…..keep ’em coming,coco..BTW, lemme know when d new ‘sistah’ is unleashed ooo…

  3. …he probably saw or heard you gurlz talking ’bout him and then decided to play the classic “win all or nothing” card!…cant wait for the new gurl!…brilliant article, routine though!

  4. wats wit gals complaining about a guy asking multiple gals out,i’m sure d guy knew u galz were together and obviously goin to talk about him askin all of u out. now,his reason is simple, all of u must hv looked beautiful,hence he couldnt make his decision based on looks alone,so he wants to get to knw each of u personally, den he’ll choose.

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