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I absolutely love Gabi and by the end of this fashion article, you would fall helplessly in love with her. Gabi defies all fashion rules by showing that style can never be dependent on your size or physical attributes.

You may be a skinny girl and still be very much incapable of putting a decent outfit together, and you maybe an American size 22 just like Gabi and still be a fashion conscious fanatic who knows how to rock the heel out of a pair of 6 inch heels and a dangerously mini body con skirt.

Style and fashion go hand in hand and it truly is a state of mind, you either have style of you don’t. There is no in between.

Gabi exudes something very refreshing in a world where everyone is trying so hard to stand out, she exudes “effortless”.

Horizontal stripes are notorious for girls of any size look bigger than they really are, but Gabi is smart enough to give her outfit three separate eye catching looks by pairing her stripped tee with cropped jeans and pointed ballet flats. You barely have time to notice the stripes because her entire outfit screams “casual chic cool”.

Maxi dress madness. Gabi insists she hates maxi dresses, but we’re not complaining. She pairs her maxi with wedges and statement earrings, for a more personalized look.

No, you don’t need toned legs to strut down the street in a mini. You just need nice looking legs whether they are toned or not. I always say this, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to feel validated enough to show some skin. Get rid of all blemishes on your legs and of course…SHAVE! Once you have that in check, you can rock a mini or a nice pair f shorts.

Gabi is a master an ensuring her look is complete, she doesn’t walk out sporting a bad manicure but with hair intact. If you’re gonna be stylish, your hair, nails, make up and skin must also be flawless.


 Once again beating fashion odds by showing that leather pants can be worn by just about anyone.

I constantly preach instant ways for any girl to update her wardrobe and accessories are a sure fire way to do that. Gigantic retro sunglasses of a heavy chain neckpiece can transform and quickly update an outfit.

It’s always fun raiding the closet of a fashion conscious girl, and Gabi is as young, fresh, creative and as inspirational as they come.



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  1. wow!!! she is a real breath of fresh air. noticed she loves platforms. her style is fab, fresh and fun. Love it, love her.

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