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So it has been six weeks since I pulled out my virtual paper to write anything. There has been a lot going on, but the right words to express my thoughts elude me. I have been going through what some writers call a block but for flukes like me, it is just plain ol’ laziness – nothing sounded right, as I loose my train of thoughts before I can scribble them down. Hope this suffices as an excuse for my mini hiatus.


Now unto the story.

…Chudi died!

They had been on their way back to Lagos from the village. Chudi, his parents and 2 other relations in his dad’s pathfinder truck. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion for papa Chudi- the driver. One minute they were all lip synching to the new Paul Nwokocha tune, the next minute the car brakes developed a mind of its own while the steering went stiff from fear. Frightened, he swerved hurriedly to avoid hitting the oncoming motorists and found himself in a ditch, a few kilometers from the expressway.

Him along with his two relations and wife escaped with bruises here and there, and guilt the size of the trojan empire. But Chudi, he died on the spot: the doctors said ’twas from shock.

Chudi was my friend’s only sibling: no two people were closer. From the first day of school when Dee and I met, I heard stories of her brother; the day her dad caught him midway through his wanking session, to the faeces that required a stick to weaken the bonds before it was flushed away. In my little way I knew him and felt the loss deeply.

I also knew he was suppposed to travel to Canada a month after his demise for further education.

My heart bled when I got the call that day in January 2009. They had fixed the funeral rites for a week after the accident. There was no point delaying the inevitable.

The day came bringing with it dark clouds and a heavy downpour – as if the heavens mourned with us. After waiting without results for the rains to abate, my cousin and I set out for Dee’s village. Nothing, not even nature could stop me from paying my last respect to Chudi: I was finally going to meet him.

Dee’s dad swore off driving and employed a chauffeur after the incident.

Her ma took their case before the sovereign. Before this time, she had longed for more kids but fate had given her just two children. Mama Chudi was a prayerful woman and took her lose as God’s will while challenging his words and promises.

Dee had to be strong for everyone, especially herself: a fact all of us were aware of and understood. She needed space and we excused all the silent treatment. Med school was no less stressful, yet she bore it all: even came top in the fifth mbbs exam. It was not just anybody that died. She lost her best friend.

Two months ago, a little over two years after Chudi’s death, mama Chudi gave birth to quadruplets: three girls and a boy.

Tears filled my eyes and my heart when I heard the news. Mother and babies are doing well. Dee’s ma was past menopause. A classic case of hoping blindly and defying medical odds.

God has never forsaken his own. They say delay is never denial, I say delay is like a relay competition: the five seconds you allow a competitor overtake you, gives them an edge.

Your problems are the competition…#notetoself.

You have to kill your need to whine and complain, to curse and frown, to grumble about the ‘should haves’ when you can dance about the ‘I haves’.

Truth be told he listens when you cry: the only reason you do not get an instant response is because your faith might not be able to carry your miracle.

I write this article pressed to the window of the molue I boarded from Obalende to Oshodi, where I will take another bus home. I started writing with a heavy heart- I felt God had let me down. Now I understand I let God down by sulking about his will. He knows best and his name must be glorified in all situations. He is the overseer.

Are you like me? Do you pine for answers to questions that are here to demonstrate his awesomeness instead of sitting back and glorifying his steadfastness? You need to know God hears you.

I know he hears me, it’s just sometimes I get fidgety while waiting for feedback.

That said, I am proud of my status as a born again. I am not ashamed of being a daughter of a minister of God- her prayers keep me afloat and fill me with hope. The bible even states clearly: he will not allow the children of the righteous suffer. What this means is, even when I fail to pray and frolic with sin unabashedly, he will look upon me with mercy because of the prayers of one of his flock. I am quite aware of the fact that most of us  laze around, prayerless and faithless depending on people like my mother. You will only become an easy prey for the dark lord and his posse.

I believe in prophets and prophesies, in unmerited favour and divine guidance. I believe in dreams and visions, in the principle of tithing and first fruit offerings.

I believe the time has come for the manifestation of the children of God, if only we believe.

What do you believe in?



I am the personification of Brutally blunt and Witty. I love my jokes funny, my music loud and my gists, colourful. I live my life by rules- my rules- and make no apologies for why I act the way I do. I define creativity as the act of evolving and evolving... Suffice to say that life and I are on first name terms- he is crazy about me too!


  1. Well apparently I wasn’t 1st *sigh* so not fair. In other news I am not a fan of preachers cos most of dem tend to do it with a superior attitude. Chidinma has managed to pass her message across witot coming off as condescending. Whateva our beliefs there is no denying the presence of a higher power. I believe in God and I believe in his word. Thank you for a beautiful piece.

  2. l can imagine the atmosphere during the lip synching part. I once travelled with Chude and his folks from BU to lagos, and being yoruba I couldn’t understand most of the song but I could tell they were having fun….very close family.

    I am so glad to hear the news of the quadruplets, in fact it has made my day.
    May Chude’s soul rest in peace.
    Santa Maria, Madre di Gesù, pregate per la sua anima

  3. I could not hold back tears while reading this article, I couldn’t help picturing his face with that big smile that often lighted it up, I am thankful for the 4yrs I got to spend knowing him. I bless the name of the LORD for the latest addition to the family and I pray good news will never seize from the EZeno family. It is difficult to understand God’s ways, yes indeed his thoughts is higher than our thoughts His ways are higher than ours, we need to understand that and trust Him always.

    Great article chidima, thank you for sharing the good news and strenghtening our faith. I pray the Lord bless you and the works of your hands. Amen!

  4. i can clearly remember chudi…had a wall of energy around him. I know dt i am very unserious,bt chudi was in a class of his own in being unserious! May God keep him. It baffles me y people beef,life is 2 short,d sky is 2 big 4 all 2 fly.

  5. It’s clearly evident that the Most High neither sleeps nor slumbers.
    Before Chudi’s demise, we were like brothers in school, knew his folks and i saw a happy family.
    It took a little time for me to snap out of the thaught that my friend died because i celebrated his last birthday with him.
    Honestly, this is a Miracle and it put a big smile on my face. I mean, this is beyond human imagination. It’s just God.
    May Chudi’s soul Rest in peace and none of them in that family will die before their time.
    Nice piece.

  6. Wow! This is one of the many reasons why i will never stop serving/loving God…He is so awesome!!! I’ve got mind blowing testimonies and as a survivor of so many traps of the devil, i know better than to stick to my God. This is a beautiful article Chidinma and a reminder too to always trust in God…He delays with answers sometimes but he never ignores! God bless you girl.

  7. **With tears in my eyes** Yes I’m proud to be born-again too! Beautifully put together. Thank you for putting my heart into words.

  8. Lanre: thank u 4 reading
    Jazz: we don’t do religion a la fundamentalists here *grin*
    Mayor brain,Zainab,Q,Tayo: I had no idea pple wud fig out who I ws talkin abt…thank y’all for remembering him!
    @Hrscindy,Mike:I love dt I always see u 2 on my page *hugs*
    Bimdiva:God bless u too
    Kelly,sugarsweets;all thanks go to God. Nothing is a coincidence.

  9. Dis is such an inspiring story and for me,maybe if U dint have d writer’s block U maynt have touched us d way U did wit Chudi’s story so all is well that ends well. I believe in Miracles too and may our faith keeps us strong n unwavering in Christ Jesus,Amen.

  10. Chudi, I can never forget him, why? I never liked him@first. From the first day I met him, his boisterousness struck me as being feigned, and 100 level passed and I couldn’t help but laugh@his jokes and he would even make fun of himself. Chudi it was who took it upon himself to make sure we had a befitting grad song while every1 shied away bcos of project issues&clearance, he was selfless like dat.I thank God for his life&for those of us he touched. Most especially for his family, I couldn’t be happier for them. Thanks Chidinma for this news and as U remember to spread goood cheer, God will remember U always.
    We meet to part but part to meet!!

  11. Finally she writes n writes one dt is deeply inspiring.
    I didn’t knw chudi bt wen I 1st heard d bitter sweet story, I cldnt stop thinking hw awesome d Lord truly is.. Hw He answers to those who call out to Him..
    The Lord forever protects His own, He neva sleeps, He never slumbers.
    God bless u chidinma for re-inspiring me

  12. ijay: i truly have gone spiritual. I can live only once and i intend to do so right
    neefemi: My sister in the spirit- thank u for dropping by
    Toyin: God will bless u too and remember u always. AMEN!
    Teelly: i guess….gracias mucho amigo
    Aifielinda: thank u for reading

  13. Awwww.this is so inspiring. Am glad am born again,nothing compares to the joy. Tho nothin wil ever take Chudi’s place he left behind a happy family and am glad there is a happy ending to this story

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