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Superstition is the irrational belief in the ominous significance of a particular thing or event. For example, some people believe whistling at night draws snakes closer while others believe people turn to yams if they pick money left carelessly on the floor.  Personally I’m not superstitious, rather I regard superstitious beliefs, metaphysical activities and black magic as ‘science undiscovered’.

History has shown that those in ancient times were very smart, as evident in their way of life from the medicine they used to the clothes they wore and the houses they lived, even with the obvious lack of technology. They used herbs to cure ailments and sprayed poisonous toxins and gases during wars as ‘magic’. Today these toxins and chemicals are used in biological warfare such as bacillus anthracis which causes anthrax.

Quite a number of ‘accidental’ discoveries have also been made; ‘sildenafil citrate’ sold as ‘viagra’ was produced to be an anti-hypertensive before it was noticed to enhance libido hence its use in treating sexual dysfunction. The world was perceived flat till Ferdinand Magellan sailed around it and the moon was believed unreachable till Neil Armstrong landed there.

What amazes me is how quick we are to attribute even the obvious to metaphysical powers – a student spends the whole semester out of school ‘doing runs’ and then he fails but his/her parents attribute his failure to ‘people from the village’ who are envious of their child’s success, a man diagnosed with diabetes does not adhere religiously to his diet, still drinks and does not take his drugs regularly – he dies and his friends’ believe ‘the colleague that never talked to him‘ is responsible. A lady does not get pregnant after three years of marriage and she believes her mother-in-law is responsible but if she had done tests, she would have found out about her husband’s sterility. These examples are endless and occur on a daily basis.

After we associate our problems/failures to metaphysical powers, we seek metaphysical solutions to them. YES!!! ‘Supposed’ christians and muslims still go to shrines to seek interventions of native doctors in their lives. It’s so appalling!!! Imagine a high-functioning executive officer in a shrine. The ‘native doctors’ too are very smart and all they do is work on your psyche – a sick man goes there and after lodging his complaints they demand for money and ask you to make sacrifice. Since he believes he would be healed after the sacrifice, he experiences a ‘placebo effect’ only for the illness to relapse.

We need to start living in the 21st century that we truly are and acting like reasonable people that we are and believe that all problems have probable causes and solve the problems along those lines before attributing them to ‘Jazz’. We have never associated ‘bluetooth’ or ‘skype’ with jazz because we take it for granted to be ‘technology’.

Science is evolving and what is ‘impossible’ is relative to time and place. Whilst not completely writing off black magic, it would really help a great deal if we were more rational in our thinking and crave for top knowledge.



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