360Review – Captain America: The First Avenger

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Director: Joe Johnston
Producer: Kevin Feige
Screenplay: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely
Starring: Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Stanley Tucci

The character Captain America has definitely come a long way since it first made its debut in 1940 and though the concept for a movie first came up as far back as 1997, it’s definitely a plus that it was released in a comic book movie adaptation era.

The movie which is set in 1942, stars Chris Evans (same guy that played The human torch in another comic book movie adaptation Fantastic Four) as Steve Rogers, a scrawny looking Brooklyn kid whose dream of joining the army is dashed when he gets rejected as a result of his health and physique. During an outing with his friend, Bucky Barnes, Rogers decides to enlist again and this time around manages to get in thanks to the intervention of Dr. Abrah Erskine. While in service, Rogers is selected to partake in an experiment carried out by Dr. Erskine intended to produce “Super Soldiers”. The night before the experiment, Dr. Erskine sits with Rogers and during their discussion mentions that a similar experiment was supposed to have taken place a while back however in its unfinished state, the subject, a top Nazi officer called Schmidt, chose to go on with it which led to certain permanent ‘side effects’.

Rogers ultimately gets transformed into a super soldier, unfortunately the serum used for the experiment is lost and he ends up being the only super soldier created.  Overtime the main reason for his ‘upgrade’ gets ignored and Rogers is relegated to promoting products/brands by U.S. senator, Brandt. However when Rogers learns that his friend, Bucky, along with the rest of his unit went M.I.A while battling army forces belonging to Schmidt (Hugo Weaving), Rogers enlists the help of army officer Peggy Carter and Tech-guy, Howard Stark, to go after them thus starting his battle with Schmidt also referred to as The Red Skull.

Joe Johnston certainly had his work cut out for him when he took on the job of directing this movie, however after seeing this movie and the direction taken, it’s safe to say he did a good job.

Chris Evans played the part of Rogers/Captain America quite well in this movie and Hugo Weaving whom i simply adore (you might remember him from movies like: The Matrix Trilogy, V For Vendetta) was simply exceptional as The Red Skull, making you appreciate the choice of the director in casting these actors.

The last comic book movie adaptation released, Green Lantern, fell short of expectations however Captain America: The First Avenger actually held viewers attention quite well and that accounts for the profit it has made so far and the reason a sequel has been mentioned.

All in all this turned out to be a good movie and I have to put this out there; if you’re one of those who rush out of the cinema the moment the closing credits come up, this would be one of ‘em movies you should see to the very end as it’s got something worth watching.

Rating: 7.5/10

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


  1. Great execution of the adaptation. Great movie, tho Chris Evans wasn’t his usual humorous self. I do have a question: what happens the day The Avengers team with The Fantastic 4? Which role will Chris Evans assume? I give it an 8.5

    1. I honestly never considered that one before, What really would happen the day they team up. but then again let us consider the fact that Fantastic Four is getting a reboot so i doubt if they would continue using him as The Human Torch. Meanwhile did you see the clip at the end? thank God Mistah Cole put that out there because i would have missed it. All in all, i give the movie a 6/10 probably the old skool setting didn’t do it for me

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