360News: Guess who is ruling the world with her bump!

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There is just no stopping this lady, in addition to a successful 4th solo studio album aptly named ‘4’, she is about to acheive one of the greatest feats as a woman, be a mother.

Last night at the MTV music video awards, the 29 year-old revelaed her bump in a stunning Orange Grecian Lanvin dress on the red carpet as well as reconfirming her happiness by revealing the bump on stage after her standing ovation performance wearing a beautifully made sequined Tuxedo.

The cameramen also decided to be cheeky as they panned the camera towards a very estatic Jay-Z in the audience with Kanye congratulating him.

One thing this definitely reveals is that Mrs Shawn Carter would only be moving around with her bump fashionably, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll have in store for us.

This is wishing both Bey and Jigga a very safe delivery of their bundle of joy.



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