3 – 6 – zer0ing In on Tunde Ednut

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3 exceptional things we don’t know about you

  1. I could be really shy
  2. I dey mess well
  3. I can’t do without my laptop


What was growing up like for you?
Growing up was really good. I was not born into a poor home. My dad was kinda strict but I still had to meet up with him for stuff. My parents have always been supportive. I used to be really stubborn as a kid, but I’m cool headed now tho.

I was born in Katsina state, lived there for 8 years. Attended campridge in Lagos, FGC Ugwonawo, Kogi state. Proceeded to UNILAG, later deferred to study in London. Back then in boarding school, I was fond of listening to Ali baba, Julius Agwu and co. I’ll copy their jokes and immitate them in school. Yes, people loved it, that’s how it started for me.

On twitter, TundeEdnut is classified as this really bad dude, what is the nastiest thing you have done recently?
Hmmmm, this kain questions ehn! I can’t exactly think of the nastiest thing I’ve done recently. Maybe I’m not nasty at all or maybe there have been too many nasty things to even figure out the nastiest. Let’s just go on while I think.

Having become a well known comedian home and Abroad, why the cross-over to music?
I have always loved to sing. I was a chorister in primary and secondary schools. I know I can sing, I believe I am an entertainer. So whatever it is I do, be it comedy or music, the idea is to entertain you.

If you had just an hour left on earth, what are those things you won’t leave undone?
An hour? Wow. There are too many stones to be turned, I probably won’t finish in an hour so maybe I wouldn’t even start at all. But I’m sure of doing everything right during that final hour.

Ever wished the ground could just open and swallow you up?
Yes! I once stepped up the stage and got the crowd screaming. I didn’t get what was right or wrong until I noticed that I had my zipper undone. I was embarrassed.

What exactly are your kinda songs?
Errrm, if you listen to “My Kinda Song” properly, you’ll notice I was able to capture my kinda songs in just one song. These are songs I really do like and would always want to hear the DJ play, wherever. These are tracks from Jesse Jags, Lynxxx, Wizkid, Wande Coal, D’banj, Don Jazzy.

Tunde Ednut – My Kinda Song


zer0ing in
Whatever your dream is, follow up. Do not listen to too many haters. Some might help tho, but never lose focus.



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