Train Of Thought

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Time’s hard, and I’m losing pace
What’s a man to do when he’s losing brain
Steady chasing pain
With nothing to gain
Situation gets even harder when you try again
So much effort but its all in vain
Sold my life on e bay
Hoping to buy it back
But I spent the money on things I barely even care about..

Now Mavrik’s on the phone, telling me big plans for the year
As soon as I drop the phone, pheum!!! Its all out of my ear
The only thing I fear is the thought that my end could be near
Mr Morbid, all I want to do is disappearElude the commotion and come back when its all clear

Reality check!!
Once you disappear, you disappear forever…

Oh well, its FRIDAY
Listened to some Rebecca black, now I’m off to party
sipping on some liquor till its all I feel in my veins
Lord, help this lonely loner!!
In between hung over and sober
“I swear I’d never drink again”
This words so often said, it has lost all meaning
All I want is peace of mind
I’ve been waiting for it so long! I just hate being left behind

And like a rushhh!

It coarsest, soars, I scream, I mourn
The lost
of cyclic sanity
My rose, again, encased by thorns

Need to flee from a haze of augmented freedom
Or, go make a much needed realistic decision
End this madness and silence my self-created critic
Jump on this train of thought and direct it to the place I’ve been missing..

Co-written by: Sarah Bamidele (Ohmissbee)



My name is Danyel Onkar but pronounce that as FHANTHOM… I welcome you to my little corner as I make sure essence meets presence. I’m here every Friday so feel free to drop in… The doors will be open. Just incase you have made the cyber upgrade from facebook to twitter: Follow moi @fhanthom…. Shikena


  1. Poor Mii, I’ve to read it like 3x b4 I get connected to it Cuz its a poem, I hated poem like HELL. But Wen I read dem I love dem at da end just like dis 1 above. NICE 1…… Thankz Fhantom

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