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Who is a fashionista? Or rather who is the Lagos fashionista? We live in an era characterized by fashion lovers, enthusiast and the outright fashion fanatics. A few years ago, there was a very clear line demarcating fashion lovers from ordinary people. We had the fashion enthusiasts who could bend over backwards for a couple of Ituen Basi beads, and the fanatics who were willing to spend every penny on Deola Sagoe couture cargo pants and the fashion lovers who wore their luxury labels boldly and proudly. Yes, yes, and YES there was a clear demarcation.

The average individual did not know how to use the terms “vintage” or “fashion faux pas”, what did these terms even mean? The ordinary people were satisfied in playing it safe with their wardrobe choices all the days of their lives. Why spend precious minutes putting together an ensemble when you can simply throw on a pair of jeans and a shirt for a decent look? And why spend money on shoes, when 7 pairs are MORE than enough. Look at it this way, you have a pair for everyday of the week. No need to be a green eyed monster. Yes, we could tell the fashionistas and the ordinary people apart.

Boys were not seen strutting about in red skinny pants and bespoke blazers tailored to precision, and they could care less about the shoes. But now,… everyone is..(wait for it)…a self proclaimed fashionista. We have overnight become vintage lovers, and supporters of all things retro. We are willing to save our lunch money towards buying that new season purse we really do not need, and our weekends are filled with panic attacks over deciding what to wear for red carpet events. I mean Heaven forbid we wear a dress we had worn two years back. That will be atrocious, the fashion police will hunt us down.

In Lagos today, everyone is a fashionista. Even in Oshodi, I know I can find a couple of vinatage lovers who are just dying to get their hands on a vintage mock croc briefcase (insert eye roll and hand movement). So what is my point exactly?; If we are all fashionistas, does this not mean that no one is a fashionista. We have subconsciously succumbed to a high standard of fashion, making an almost unattainable standard very easy to reach and a norm in society today.

So if it is normal for most of us to be fashion forward, fashion conscious, and fashion lovers then this is the norm. The norm meaning that all fashion lovers in Lagos are ordinary people, the whole idea of being a fashionista has lost its essence! It is very difficult to stand out in a crowd filled with equally fashionable people. Today in Lagos, everyone is a fashion forward, label loving, vintage hugging, high heel strutting, fashion fanatic. The gap between the “ordinary people” and the “fashion conscious” has been sealed.



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  1. Hey there,nice one..first post I’m reading here.
    I wonder what the idea is here.
    Do you mean that it is wrong that fashion has improved remarkably in Nigeria/Lagos?
    Isn’t it a good thing to have trendy girls strutting all over our streets?
    Why would you want to relegate the fashion forwardness to a select few?
    How painful Is it that Nigerians in general have opened up their eyes to the wider world and embraced beauty and some measure of class?
    I do agree that everyone is branding themselves self styled fashionistas…and the trend is fast coming to mean birkin bag wielding and louboutin trotting
    I blame it on our local fashion mags.
    In the end,are you saying you need more people wearing fashion donts just so you could stand out as a fashion guru?
    Or the so called fashionistas should recognise this issue you have identified as a call to up their game?
    There’s space in the world for everyone.
    I personally would love to see every woman own a piece of designer luxury item if they can afford it.
    Let us take a cue from the teen vogue fashion bloggers..and derive another term for the ill used fashionista we so adore in this country.

  2. whats ur point exactly? the article is VERY stoopid, so because u cant stand out in the crowd and be know as a fashionista hurts u?, lagos is practically one of africa’s fashion capitals, it would be almost impossible not to see its residents embrace the lifestyle….i guess u might be calling ur self a fashionista too, well sorry dear u arent…..hw would u feel when the real fashionistas and fashion stakeholder and trend setters frm paris, New-york and co say somefng like this about u? this article is rather classist

  3. So many people have commented on this article but why are their comments not here?
    I support john but in nicer terms.
    Here is my take –he has said it all.

  4. this is a clearly incomplete article…what was the rush in posting it? your point has totally been lost! I am very confused and i do not seem to follow. Dear editior or whoever over sees things around here.take out this piece and get the writer to work or dont post anything!

  5. This is just pointless, if you haven’t got anything reasonable to write then do not, if as a writer you do not have spell check as your writing then give you work to be proof read by someone and stop writing crappy articles that do not make any sense

  6. What a completely stupid article. Ur point being? Ehen? Conclusion? In summary? Did u forget the end of the article somewhere? The article reeks of pride and anger at the fact that everyone is now fashion concious. Wait u thought it was ur exclusive preserve? I can’t believe this. How an article has managed to look down on people so badly is beyond me. I can actually picture the article’s snobbish face. Please next time when u feel like writing crap, just find a nice green field and occupy ur time by grazing. Thank u.

  7. How much more bleh can it get? Girl if you believe in yourself and are secure,you’ll understand that the sky is wide enough for all birds to soar. Our people here are becoming more fashion conscious and that’s good for the fashion industry. Would you rather have the jute bag wearing bunch in the mix with the real fashionistas so you can have your desired demarcation?
    Maybe we are misunderstanding your point cos you didn’t quite spear-head you argument clearly.

  8. i think this article is just saying that people now go out of their way to keep up with trending fashion.The word fashionista is no longer for a seleceted few.People are now bold and daring when it comes to trying out new stuff.some even define their own fashion statements.its not so bad naooow.

  9. this is just a very wrong post, in the last 1yr do u know wat fashion has turned dis city into?lagos as turned to new york or rather is becoming ny.its good to no dat pple appreciate good things nd nw av improved fashion sense.its taking us places.kindly re-editur post nd state ur point so ur not a country wer d goverment is not doing anything.i tink dis new venture into fashion nd music,entertainment in general is wat is giving us d break we need.

  10. for some reason I think teh poster was merely commenting on the increase in fashion-conciousness generally, such that its hard to stand out as a “fashionista” because practically everyone is fashionable these days. I dont think she meant it in a bad way. Its possible that people are misreading the reference she made to Oshodi.

  11. Am surrre u feel real stuuuupiiiid psting this….**buhahahahaaaA** errrry1 attacking n pointing out ur stupidity n lack of intelligence….am sure ur sum spoilt saucy minx hu gts her way all the time…..pity not ANYMORE… hoo,nice1 fams….SHE DON HEAR AM.

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