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According to the Creative Director of House of Nwocha: Our latest work is called the TSUNAMI Collection, this collection was inspired by the  recent japan tsunami crisis in which so many lives were lost.

Most of us often forget that water is the strongest element in the world and in as much as it seems harmless the entire world can be drowned or consumed, just like in Noah’s time. This really got me thinking and before long the designs were created.

The HON TSUNAMI is a collection of  simple and fluid pieces filled with emotions and uncertainty but also straight and hope, because after every storm the sun comes up and dries the tears. This collection is dedicated to the Japanese people and strong women allover the world who go through daily struggles and still come out on top, looking fabulous, elegant and graceful.

This look book oozes elegance, grace and timeless style as it simultaneously pays home age to a cause that half of us in the world have conveniently forgotten about or made an effort to erase from our memories. Looking at the pieces, you cannot help but think about the beauty and immense strength of mother nature and the spontaneity of her powers; a disastrous flood can occur in a matter of seconds without warning. It is in this strength that the pieces from the House of Nwocha collection was constructed.

Reference can be made to the deola sagoe look book posted recently on 360 fashion which also drew inspiration from the Japanese culture. It is wonderful to see talented Nigerian designers draw up inspiration from the most unlikely of places.

Photography: Eleanor Goody Photography
Styling: Obinna Omeruo
Makeup: Oma Makeovers



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