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“Are you working on the 16th?” Naomeey asked me. I checked my schedule and saw I was off. “That’s alright then,” she said. “It’s my birthday and I am thinking of a little something.”

“Ping me the details.” I told her.

Days later I got a message saying she planned to have a few friends out for drinks at Swé bar. I turned up my nose at the thought only because I rarely went out, while I am not anti-social, I am not that big a social animal; and I avoided the Island if I could. Then I receive a message saying she heard Bez would be there.

That was all it took to change my mind. One second I was thinking up my excuse and apology, the next I wanted to know at what time we were meeting.

I first linked his songs to him when Jigga, my brother, brought home a Hennesey Artistry CD. One listen and I never let it play past the fourth song, and that only because songs 3 and 4 were by Mo’ Cheddah. The real prize for me were songs 1 and 2. Bez’s “Stop pretending” and “Zuciya daya”.

Coincidentally, 1Music chose the period to play his only video on frequent rotation. “More you” cemented his place in my heart, and when I got “Super sun” off 360nobs, it was basically icing.

I have been called a lot of things in my life, but famzer has never been one of them. However, I quickly followed @bezidakula on twitter and promptly mentioned the Hennesey Artistry CD, he sent me a DM asking after some person I do not remember. Long story short, when I did not get a follow back, I promptly unfollowed him. But there was no denying his talent and how inspiring his songs were.

Then came “Super sun remix” featuring Eldee, Ice Prince and Eva, and I knew I had to be at his album launch which I read was coming up on the 24th of July. Not caring that he might still be sleeping, I sent Noble a message asking for a ticket to that event if he could get one.

All of a sudden it became an obsession for me, so when Naomeey said Bez would be at Swé, I said “but of course”.

When we walked into Swé, Naommey and I, the band was basically warming up. Not sure how things worked in this world I had thrust myself into, I went and asked the guys at the door if Bez’s performance was a ticketted event. They did not seem to know, so we made to enter the venue only to be told by some girls there it was a private event. It did not matter to me, I could see him from where I stood, and hear him too. And that was more important. We were going through the drinks menu when who would walk out but Bez himself.

He was attired in a black t-shirt, a twisted scarf around his neck. He had on his horn-rimmed nerd glasses, a hat and I was sure he would have on a pair of converse sneakers even though I did not look.

We waved to him and he acknowledged it. He did more than that, he actually walked over to where we sat. I slid down from my bar stool and introduced myself, then Naomeey. We told him how it was her birthday and he asked why we were out in the foyer. “We were told it’s a private event.” We said in unison.

“Who told you that?” He asked as though mildly amused.

He invited us in “if you can find somewhere to seat.” Me, I would gladly stand sef.

He performed songs I was not familiar with, but that went to confirm what I already knew. He is Super Bez.

Then he said a few words about this being a ‘listening’ and that the main event would be on the 24th. Then he said how he wrote a song for Ijé the movie, but it never made it onto the soundtrack. “Better place” gave me goosebumps!

With his five- or six-man band, he had me whistling like a coyote. From the strumming of his guitar, when he played the keyboard, when one of the band members did a number on the violin, and another showed off on drums to wrap things up. I was grinning like an idiot, clapping and whistling. Dude is good!

I was all over twitter going on about Bez and got called a famzer for my efforts.

I left Swé walking on clouds because, though I did not get to take a picture with him, I got to tell him how big a fan I am.

I am riding home in another friend’s car writing this and listening to @bezidakula singing “Stop pretending”, “Zuciya daya”, “Super sun” and “Super sun remix”, and July the 24th cannot come soon enough.



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  1. I wanted to be first to say Famzer! 🙁
    Anyways, u need to make me understand this ur Bez obsession. I must confess I’ve never heard any of his songs. I only hear he’s the male version of Asa. I’m glad he made u happy tho.

  2. I don’t know Bez or his songs * please don’t shoot me* but reading about him has gotten me curious. I am looking for his songs right now.

  3. First off I was like who the hell is bez, so I downloaded the track “super sun” at first I was like riiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhhhht and not in a good way but before I knew what was happening I was smiling and hitting rewind. His sound is different I like artist that make music not noisemakers that just translate the alphabet into their local dialect and make a track out of it with lots of scantily clad girls in their video’s to boot. Thanks for exposing me to some good music franque. Nice read as always.

  4. Hmmm… So it’s not Friday, but e no mean. Dis one na purely famzin and an opportunity to show saw iDey cultured.
    @ Kay: but u know how his songs made plenty sense to u. U r not alone. iHad 4 other people say d same thing;
    @ iKnow x2: shey?
    @ Lorlah: U hav mouth becos it’s not Banky W iWrote about ba?
    @ Mo’: if what u’v heard about Bez is not his song, fogerrit. Download Super sun or the remix off this site, or iCan send u Zuciya daya or Stop pretendin – if ur Network go gree o. U can thank me in advance, or thank me later;
    @ O_Oghene: if u can’t find any of his songs b4 the 24th – which u will, then get the full album after then. U still don’t get it n iWill re-imburse u the cost of purchase o the CD only;
    @ Mateelly: iAm the SuperFan to his SuperSun;
    @ Loiusa E: U r welkom dearie. But why stop @ Super sun when you can get the entire album after the 24th?
    @ Everyone else: Friday is still Franque’s Friday. See y’all on d oda syd.

  5. And iSee 2 things keep comin up privately:
    1, U can DM someone ff U though they can’t DM u unless u ff them. It’s best then if there’s a ff n a ffback;
    2, iDon’t expect everyone iFf to ff back. But an occasional tweetback or RT is a way of acknowledgin ffs.
    Y’all be breezy 😀

  6. Franque….I remember being in the car with you and u pointed out that u were a fan of Bez…didn’t pay much attention till I listened closely to his songs…I agree dude is good!! Am sure u were smiling wider than Julia Roberts when u met him..

  7. So you were at Swe on Saturday evening? I was there too. Would have been good to have met you. It was a good “listening” session though it ended abruptly. I fell in love with Bez when I 1st saw him perform at Sax Appeal 2 last year at Muson Center. I was blown away by his voice and performance with a full live band. He’s truly one of Nigeria’s gifted artistes. Keep up with your love and “famzing” as some people call it. Its worth it.

  8. @ nena: iSee how quickly ur wish got granted;
    @ Admin: much appreciated;
    @ Diva: Can J.Roberts smile – compared to me?
    @ Mike: iTotally agree;
    @ Longy: a ff on tweerah’d hav worked d magic. iWas ALL OVER tweerah dat evenin. As for the abruptness of the endin, my consolation is the 24th;
    @ M.E: As long as u don’t pull a ‘Stan’, no P.

  9. I admit the I didn’t know about Bez till Super sun remix. I kinda liked it tho. I’ll listen to his other songs. Good to know that great things are coming out of our music industry. Err franque, pls what’s ur twitter handle? I want to famz with u small (don’t worry, I won’t ask for a ff back) X_X

  10. Emmmmm,i remember dis particular format being my idea ( n it was meant for something elseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee). U r sooooo dead!!!!

  11. @ Nena: we work fast here;
    @ Jigga: Emboy, dis na to show u say we dey d same page;
    @ iUsedToThink: #NoVex for whatever reason

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