Shorts And Pants Have A Baby…

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Fashion changes faster than the seasons, its hard to keep up. With each season comes a newer, recycled and innovative design.
I don’t know how long the romance between shorts and pants lasted for, but I know they have a baby and they named him “SHANTS” They are the classic hybrid.

I was a little skeptical about these knickers though, I saw them as an unfinished pair of pants because I think the male presence can easily be reflected through plain jeans or shorts, I don’t see the grand idea in fusing the two.

But now, I think I’m warming up to them especially the roll up ones. It gives boys this laid back chilling look. They are either snug or loose fitting. Also, there’s some form of length variation. Some are shorter than most.

They are especially flattering on body types with lean legs. The part of the leg below the hem of crop pants is accentuated as the eye is drawn there. Not to burst your bubble guys, but if you’re endowed with a whole lotta hair to go around, these shants are not for you 🙂

I simply love fashion conscious guys, move with the times. Don’t leav fashion for ladies alone. Know your body, one mans jacket is another mans coat. Don’t wear what your friend is wearing cuz it flatters him. Shants come in different shapes, colours n sizes, get the one that suits you.

Whatever the case, male pants are
receding in length day by day. Let’s all hope they don’t recede to the point where they’re going to revert back to briefs to create space for their “shants” hehe



***Gbemi Afolabi***



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  1. eeew, theres nothing cute about a man wearing bermuda shorts, capri pants, or flood pants- which is basically what all those are. I dunno who thought this was a good idea but its not. Its cool to be fashion conscious but that doesnt mean you should dress like a woman.

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