Sammie Rants: Fashion Nigeria, Make A Dream

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when are we ever going to have our own music fests?
Where we can have fashion editors aiming to define the festival style?
our own fashion weeks based on rainy season and harmattan?
Our own styles defined by our own designers and hairstylists ?
When can we truly make every woman in this country trendy?
From the woman in the market who needs to feel she is on point to the middle class achiever who has to buy Gianfranco ferre heels..(someone has to patronise them)
Then the high end socialites who have evolved their own ways and don’t need to bother their heads with what the young urns have to say.
When will we have style icons we can truly copy and not people who have been praise sung into iconic status.
when will our fashion editors stop praise worship of themselves and seek to make a change in the polity?
When will they stop falling over themselves to wear wear wear and praise praise be
When will we have accessible high street fashion like ruff and tumble in the adult market?
When will we start rocking ankara skirts and peter pan aso oke collars?
When will we cease to be a primark and JC penny society?
Why do we have to keep wondering why almost everyone who designs is simply reproducing what iya abeji and enore at ede shopping centre can make and yet we hail them consistently.
When will we be bold enough to criticise our people and push them to greater heights?
When will we stop resting on our oars
Fashion has come a long way in Nigeria..
The older ones retire into a seeming obscurity leaving the field of learning almost empty and washed out.
The journey has to take a jet flight now because the world is slowly having her eyes set on us.
We have only four or so first borns..
No siblings,no ardent followers
We have to make this happen for us
We have to sharpen our irons one for another
Change starts with me but don’t go there.
if I had to do it all..I would be nothing but a fool in the end.
Point out my wrongs,laugh at my mistakes
In the end,you will agree..the business is watered down
They all fell asleep in the afternoon sun.
No hay stacks to fall on
No imagination to work on.



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  1. Where u have made some valid points, a lot of the other things you’re saying have either changed recently or you really don’t understand fashion economics and policies so to speak. Maybe I’ll come back to be more explicit I just woke up…

  2. Kudos Samsie!! My thoughts exactly! Its not enough to just copy a dress you stumbled upon at Dorothy Perkins with ankara, everybody can do that! What’s with “Nigerian Designers” having winter/fall collections? Then when someone wears boots with a cardigan, Jacket, Beret and Scarf we crucify the person with our comments. I really don’t blame the individual, really she has a right to be confused!!!!

  3. Fashion in our dear country has been a slow rising but steadfast economy, we are just embracing the ankara/print revolution, yes the tyes and dyes we once felt were too old skool to be adorned have been dusted and turned to beautiful dresses, skirts and accessories. Believe it or not our designers may all reproduce similar designs but the fact is its a competitive market and that’s allowed. Our problem lies in having young designers who can break into the bigger market with their brands being equally celebrated, but we all know our sickness it must be a celeb designer or else we are not rockin it.
    We need to encourage our youths to to be more creative and assertive, I definitely would welcome a change.

  4. Totally enpointe! Is it just d fashion sense or way of life generally? Its saddening that N igerians don’t want to look inwards…concerning the surprises me when people oooh and aaah over designs which cud b put together by “anybody”…d ones who try ty to “take it to d next level” murder my dear ankara materials! Anyways im sure these designers r irritated by those of “us” who sit back and critcize without making any effort..they go ‘if u r soo good, why don’t u do something urself?’ My advice is let them do their thing..Personally if I nid a perfect-to-ma-taste outfit I get a pencil,put something down on paper nd take it to ma bad assd tailor(of whom I remain everly proud of)…den I don’t have to care bout Nigerian designers! Ha!

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