Killing Us Softly

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It’s Wednesday the 29th of June and I’m woken from my slumber by an annoying vibration, I grope around till I locate the device that had disturbed such a serene moment and with one eye opened notice it’s a message from my baby; first it’s a ridiculous picture of her planking (let’s not go into it alright) and then the next picture is that of a married couple.

I’m thinking ok I get the message marry me soonest or I look for another, as I’m about to tuck the phone in between my pillows, it gives off a couple more vibrations and at this moment I want to rain some curses on her for disturbing my precious sleep, I grudgingly open an eye again and read the next lines, “RCCG pastor that stabbed, then mutilated his wife and ran away”.

At this junction my eyes are fully opened, my first thoughts are impossible; this must be some extended April fool-ish or the new early morning version of P.M news. Before I could query further, my twitter timeline, BBM are filled with the same storyline, more details being reported by the second.

This news got my brain jogging, this was a sordid tale and if my eyes weren’t deceiving me and I wasn’t somehow still in inception then this was happening or had happened. Now I’m not going to jump the fence and assume this is all true and believe that the accused is guilty (remember O.J Simpson) but if at the end of it all it really is a true story and not one man’s rejected Nollywood script then God save our souls from Sin.

I’m sure you’re all wondering why all the histrionics; he killed his wife, so what? People die every day, it was a crime of passion, not the first and certainly not the last, and he was covering up his tracks hence the mutilation and so on. I have heard all sorts of thesis, sub-plots, and alternate scenarios painted about this killing, and sadly I think that’s all we’re ever going to hear.

The truth is no matter the scenario this is an act of violence and one that’s far reaching, I know you’ll all say acts of violence occur all the time, boko-haram bombings, armed robberies, ritualistic killings, assassinations etc. But this particular one didn’t follow the Nigerian script.

What am I driving at exactly, the truth is murder be it genocide, 1st ,2nd or 3rd degree is murder and usually there’s a strong motive behind it, whether it be religious, envy, rage or pure stupidity. In the case of serial killers it’s assumed to be an illness, a madness that has taken root and blossomed into pure psychosis.

I am not saying this murder falls into that category but I want to assume it falls just a few centimetres from it. My reason being, the so called characteristic of the killer in question is not unlike the typical M.O of a serial killer, crime of passion excused, this man was a cool, God fearing, scripture quoting, man of the robe( all assumptions though) and then a sudden snap which turned him into a cold-blooded murderer. What would make a supposedly good guy become a killer?

Theories abound, that we all know, and psycho analysis attributes it to repressed emotions usually from childhood caused by physical, mental and emotional abuse in the home. The truth is no one really knows, it’s basically all assumption, but every psychiatrist or psychologist agrees it’s not something that transpires in a few months but something that is deep seated and has taken root aeons ago.

This analysis has me scared a bit, in a country where emotions are constantly repressed and most things are attributed to spirituality, how many borderline psychotics are sitting next to us in our offices, on the bus or even in the house of God, because if a black, Nigerian buttered, and to quote a friend, “chilled out, typical lag fine boy” is guilty of malicious murder then our reality as a people can be compared to that of a marijuana induced high.

I would suggest we learn to accept that as a society we are ever evolving and with the influence of western culture ever eminent, we should accept that not only the good or wacky has crossed barriers but also the bad and the damn right ugly. If we as a people can wake up and start planking then we have no excuse not to send our kids and ourselves to the shrink, let’s stop this charade of assuming that Nigerian people are strong and can handle the madness all around without any emotional scars, because truth be told our society by all standards is insane.

Let’s remember that as human beings we all need an outlet to express ourselves, not everyone is lucky to have family that rallies round them in time of need or good friends that understand you no matter the circumstances, majority have no outlet and bottle it all up, ‘til they implode.

Quite frankly we all need psychoanalysis but realistically I don’t believe we all should troop to the Left for it, all I’m trying to say is get help if you know you need it, talk to a friend, a counsellor, a mentor, someone you trust, even confession helps. Let’s be our brother’s keeper in the real sense of it. You can never tell but that act of charity might just change someone’s world.

I leave you with the words of an Icon …you’re my friend, but you’re also my brother.

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  1. The chilling fact is the person sitting next to u may be plotting a coldblooded murder! The life/upbringing of an average Nigerian is so messed up it only makes sense that there are deep sitted psychological/psychiatric issues in most of us!
    *deep sigh*

  2. True n we as Nigerians tend to attach spirituality to everything. I heard d story,i was discussing d incident wit some people n dey were so quick to say it must ve been a spiritual attack. Maybe its d Nollywood movies we watch but dat thinking has to stop. It cld ve been a surpressed psycholigical problem. im not justifying wat he did,im just saying

  3. Well written, although i will say the issue of planking is neither here or there. It really is just a game. But with that said well written.

    P.s. yet some people think getting a psychology degree is worthless when its something that Nigeria needs a lot more of

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