Get Familiar: Tiwa Savage – Leave Slow

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The extremely talented Tiwa Savage drops a new joint called “Leave Slow“.

Produced byAtlanta-based Turkish-American producer Oak, the song is a beautiful slow RnB track that should comfort all the heart-broken ladies out there.

Yup! Get familiar!

Tiwa Savage – Leave Slow


  Tiwa Savage - Leave Slow (5.4 MiB, 1,670 hits)


Verse 1:
Grab the sheets around my shoulder
Cause it’s gonna get colder
When the door is closed my heart will know it’s over
It’s over

Don’t say goodbye too fast
You can break a heart like that
Promise i won’t stop you
by the way you go

Leave slow baby take your time
For this heart of mine to break one piece at a time
Leave slow like the sunset to the coast
I am the last November leaf before the snow
I am hanging on but if i have to let you go
Leave slow

Smaller steps to the distance
Longer breaths as you whisper
Love will still be here
It will take time and tears to disappear
To disappear 

So don’t say goodbye too fast
You can break a heart like that
Promise i won’t stop you
by the way you go


Every moment that you are here
Will be missed once you are gone
I wonder if i will carry on
Baby leave slow

Chorus till fade



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  1. Y is Tiwa tweeting stuff about peple leaking her songs? This song is obviously a demo and Sony put it out there for people to shop for it. No way dt this will b on her album. i’ve listened to her working album and most of them have African elements in them.
    People get with the program ..most of you r just 2 lazy 2 get songs outh there. Google ‘tiwa savage mp3 mediafire’. this song has been online since last month

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