Get Familiar: Levelz – KING(Enigma Freestyle)

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It’s ENIGMA Season!!!!

Levelz decides to go in so hard on Don Jazzy‘s #Enigma beats, that I couldn’t resist putting it up.

He definitely separated the boys from the boys that do not want to smile with his entry.

Levelz don change!

Yup! Get familiar!

Levelz – King(Enigma Freestyle)


  Levelz - King(Enigma Freestyle) (3.8 MiB, 329 hits)


Man Make the Money the Money don’t make the man
***I’m making love to MICHELLE, my DESTINY’s in my.. hands..***
Huh…Won ni mo gbona feli feli, enikeni, ti o Jeri
won Teriba Mo ti Deruba-Won
Man of the Year, the real King of the City
These Men don’t compare they fear me in the Gidi
***I said I’ll take it there, now they wanna kill me.***
***I play the game ‘fair’….see I’m Odemwingie***
Hear ye, I’m clearly not a Gimmick
I told my girl Vikki, Im killing them in a Jiffy
I been waiting for this moment, my momma told me im iller
Living life like a legend, is why they wanna be bitter
Now im zooming like isuzus when you tune in your computer
and Im shooting at you losers like im Ikechukwu Uche

I B where IBB be, in articles with Atiku, I’m articulate
I tickle the mic, mic is my instrument (2ce)

***What’s my Mode, I’m gunning for the Punch,**
***I’m This Day’s Van Gogh and Vanguard in one***
***So i hope your Guardians dont leave u in the Sun***
You better get your cardigans and maybe start to run

**Levelz don change, Super C told ya, I’m super see?, I supersede all yall**

Intended to be super, now im the superintendent
Administering the ministry Holy spirit got into me
I don’t write rhymes, I write Psalms with my right armand im quite calm like a Python in a night storm
You listening to Moses, while he’s splitting up the ocean
Im Leaving em comatose cos hes giving em overdoses

**Ahh…Im Goodluck or Goodwill**
**You’ll NEVER win…Sarah Jubril**

***Bullyin em…tell em sit there***
***I’m Soyinka, Im big here ***

***and I don Hammer abeg I dey find nail***
***They calling me a Monkey but they liking my tales…***

***So, if you like that, you can log on***
***If you a hater you can like to log off***8
***This is one big sale, so Bug Off (B.O.G.O.F.)****

***So sorry, I ain’t mean to hurt you***
**They find me for Google+, they not in my circle**

***They try to keep it real, real? they never yan***
***I’m 400, them? they never JAM(B)**

Peter Pan in my plane they pray i ‘Neverland’
Father Lord show me a man who has never sinned
Bisimillahi Ramoni Raheem in Jesus Name
Whichever whatever man I hussle it until the grave

God Bless me with Don Baba J
I’m mister West’s Messenger Im getting this 2 K
Shoutout to Chude, Shout to the Future, Now im looking to the future
Learning new moves…Karma Sutra

Shared the stage with best of em all,
Nneka, Genevieve, Bella, Let me see…
My life is a round of applause, so you tell me how the hell I’m gonna fall?

***Cos I’m African, she say do I shake spears?**
***I say No, Im just an African Shakespeare***

Im in my zone, u rappers better take care
I’m teaching little kids a lesson, this is a day care
PhD in a bit, thats a big deal?
Im just tryna see if I can get a big deal
A billion dollar company too..its a bit real
Im Zuckerberg, if he was a god with words
Or Sean Carter, if he would have studied Particles

***Beating me is similar to Enyimba beating Barcelona***
***I know we want it to happen but its Impossible Ah (2ce)***

The Best Sir, Yes sir
No question
These niggas waitin on me …no restaurant
I smack back these wack rappers and students
Like Fela Kuti is back, back on duty and shootin
You ratatouilles is not strong enough for Vladimir Putin
I got the angels in heavin dancin jumpin and rootin
***I aint grinning im thinking Dagrin everytime i do this**

**Its why I hooked it up….call it Brymo***
***Had them other niggas left back.. call em Taiwo***

Breaking records and im spinning em …nigga Vinyl
Everything I say goes…mean its final

***So what yall, tryna discuss for fuck yall***
***My wallet is feeling like Rushmore***
***Dead Presidents,***
Yeah here’s the evidence
I just got the top spot…its evident



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