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Multiple award winner, NEA nominee, and arguably the most charming Nigerian Emcee “Cyclo-Flo‘” is back at the top with three new singles, “WON BE, THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND & SHAWTY GO LOW”, causing fans to dub him as “MR. HEART TRICK”.

The immediate impact of these viral singles are causing fans to retain him as one of the most consistent and hottest rappers in Naija Hip Hop music. He’s presently off to South Africa to shoot the video for WON BE. All tracks produced by Cyclo-flo’. Listen up and enjoy.

[audio:|titles=SHAWTY GO LOW]

Cyclo_Flo – Shawty Go Low


Cyclo-Flo- They Dont Understand ft DJ Ericken

[audio:|titles=WON BE by CYCLO-FLO’ mp3]

Cyclo-Flo – Won Be



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