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In the past I have engaged in so many debates about the use of animal skin for clothing and accessories. Is it really THAT bad and terrible? Or have we become overly sensitive people who look for the bad in everything. There are so many way to dissect this situation especially from a fashion perspective. In the 20s and 40s, using mink and foxes for fur coats and alligator skin for shoes and purses was such a luxury, only true aristocrats could afford them (and yes everyone wanted a dead animal hanging elegantly around their shoulders).

            But today, thousands of people each day are declaring a once glamorous act as; “ATROCIOUS” and the use of animal skin of any other reason besides food is fast becoming a taboo. Is it really cruel to kill an animal for a pair of beautiful shoes? What difference does it make? I mean we kill animals everyday to satisfy our hunger, animals are slaughtered for celebrations and annual feasts. Afterall,        You will kill a cow to make suya wouldn’t you?


So what makes it so wrong to kill this ostrich….


For the purpose of using its skin to make this ostrich skin birkin?

You will kill a chicken or a goat to make dinner, right?


Then why is it such a taboo to kill this alligator….


To make this purse?…


Everyday, thousands of new ad spring up with international celebrities declaring their disgust with the use of fur or any other type of animal skin for fashion. Now during international fashion weeks, security is tighter than ever as fanatics storm the runway pouring fresh animal blood on models who have the audacity to wear real fur from a designer’s latest collection.


Years back, supermodel Naomi Campbell was one of the first international faces to declare her “hatred” for the use of animal fur in fashion. Two fashion seasons later, Naomi Campbell was caught on the catwalk and in FENDI fashion campaigns wearing..(wait for it)… REAL ANIMAL FUR. Hypocritical? Hmm… Yes a bit. But are we not being a bit too dramatic over this fur issue? This question is open for much debate.


In my fashion articles I always choose the path of honesty, whatever conclusion I come to is the honest decision I have felt in my heart. So here goes; do I believe wearing real fur is wrong? I don’t know because we slaughter animals to be eaten, what makes it different from slaughtering animals for clothing? If I were handed an ostrich birkin, would I turn it down? Still I do not know. As a fashion lover, I would love to have it but each time I touch I would be reminded that it was once a living, breathing creature. I believe that the debate over the use of real animal skin shall be debated over the next decade and more fanatics will use extreme measures to express their distaste for real fur. We are in a serious fashion dilemma.



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  1. LMAO @ Naomi Campbell…I guess the money wiped out her memory.I don’t see anything wrong with skin things in fashion. after killing the snake for food (I know people eat them) we might as well use the skin to make sandals.

  2. There’s a huge difference between using an animal for food vs using an animal for clothing. You can make clothes out other things but you can’t take a needle and thread and sew a sandwich. There are a lot of things that happened “way back when”…just because they were en vogue then doesn’t make it ok.

    If anything, if you wanna make a mink coat, then in addition to killing and skinning the mink somebody better be eating that bad boy and using the bones for something too. IJS

  3. Here is my 2 cents….there’s nothing wrong with wearing fur, if there is those hypocrites crying foul should stop wearing belts, shoes, bags, jackets etc. Its white people that started this nonsense, thats the way they started this veggie nonsense, everyone is responsible for their actions so do not try to impose your beliefs on others.
    My points are:
    1.If it wasn’t fur it will be something else they will protest about
    2. If u really check, these anti-fur people always have their own skeletons.
    3. If fur is that bad, the Government would have passed it as a bill to ban the killing of animals for fashion.
    4. They can easily breed more animals such as minks so that the cycle continues and it does not become extinct.
    5. Need I remind you, its white people that said Dinosaurs existed even though its not in the bible.

  4. Some of dese animals do nt exist in large nos like d goats and chickens.. For some reason God mad dem ova surplus(if u didn’t tink “food” den u nid jesus)….if dese animals go extinct or disappear u go wan use “humanskin birkin” next? I wouldn’t turn down any of these bags buh I totally get wat PETA is about…its a shame buh we in africa Dnt giv a fuck… We go carry d bag, wear d fur under hot sun… 🙂

  5. whatz it wit these white peeps sef? Dey’d start a trend and den sumtym later say its a taboo. If yu believe in sumfin, yu really shudnt force it on others. If yu lay yur hands on a gud animal skin bag and rememba dat it was at a tym a living thing and den drop it, hw bout wen yu were munchin it, didnt yu rememba d same thing and figure out dat u were eatin anoda livingthing?
    God has already placed these animals under man’s control and wen models wear it and walk down d runway, its anoda way of showin d kinda beauty n elegance those creatures hav

  6. Meeeehn,fuk it mates….my sis has an obsession wif hermes bags o! Currently owns 6 of dem retailed@ £4000 each…imma guy buh ino dem bags reeks of class…assiiin don’t evn go der mahn,so pliiiiix ho FUR IT 4 me meln *huugge grrrrin*

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