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Have you ever come across that “almost” perfect dress but thought; If only the hem was shorter, or the zip detail was different? Yep. I have a lot of those moments.

The act of modifying dresses from collections and off the runway isn’t really a new trend, it has been done for decades for committed fashion customers who want certain couture pieces modified into practical everyday wear or brides-to-be, modifying couture gowns for their big day. But in the past two fashion seasons we’ve seen a dress modifying overhaul from celebrities.

 One minute you are lusting over a dress on the runway, the next day you have your favourite celebrity or stylista gracing the red carpet in a modified version of that same dress even when modifying is not necessary.


Net dress by Virgos Lounge


Ijeoma Ndekwu in a modified version of the net dress by Virgos Lounge.



Practical reasons aside, modifying is the easiest and yet chicest way to personalize a piece of clothing to perfectly fit your taste, you don’t have to make drastic changes to your dresses or favourite blouse. Just focus on an area you want  modify to perfection and work on that area only else your clothing piece will end up looking unrecognizable.



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